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2063Re: [infoguys-list] Manslaughter Appeal

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  • G.A.R.S.
    Aug 30, 2000
      My wife and I were agast to read about what happened to your client. Unfortunately I know of no one, or have heard of anyone with a similar case. However, if it would help we would be more than willing to write a letter to the Govenor of Alabama expressing our outrage, that a stranded woman in need of help would be convicted of such a crime, when it was clearly the fault of the young man driving the other car. I was a proffessional driver for almost six years, and have been on every interstate route in the state of Alabama. I know from experience that if he had not been drinking and driving, and further had been paying attention to what was going on around him, he would have noticed the potential hazard in plenty of time to merge over. Once again the accident was clearly the fault of the other driver and we would be more than happy to write to the of Alabama clarifying our position. I wish you luck in helping your client, and we will be keeping her in our prayers.
      Very truly yours,
      Brian Brown
      Global Asset Recovery Services
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      Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2000 04:01 PM
      Subject: [infoguys-list] Manslaughter Appeal

      I have a client(Lady)who was charged and convicted of manslaughter
      because her car broke down on Interstate 85 S.and a young man,drinking
      beer,driving over the speed limit swerved to miss her car and had a
      wreck and killed himself.This case is now on appeal.My client received 8
      years in prison because her car broke down in Alabama.Can anyone help me
      with any case law regarding a similar situation.I am not a lawyer.I am a
      Private Investigator hired by this lady to help her lawyer on appeal.Any
      ideas would be greatly appreciated.
                                                              Larry C.Miller

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