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197[infoguys-list] Investigator Training Courses

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  • wadinv@gte.net
    Apr 15 6:45 AM
      I wrote a 45 page manual and have copyrighted it. It is a manual specifically for Investigative Companies to train in their Investigator Interns or to help better train in the Investigators that they have now. In this manual, the new investigator will learn all facets of the basics of being a P.I. There are also exercises and mock cases as well as techniques to train them. Each Manual is designated for the investigator trainee in question. It is a self teach course, so it will eliminate you spending tons of hours trying to teach them the skill. I have taught many of my CC interns on this course and they turn out to be excellent investigators and it doesn't take any of my time. I sell the "PI Manual Course" for $199.00 per Investigator. But am offering it to all that reads this for $99.00. In the past I have spent months training in Investigators as well as trying to run my company, to only run myself ragged. I Now, make it a mandatory policy that all Prospected P.I. Employees first complete this training manual course before I sponsor them. For one, they are trained in by the time they start and two, I know if they are serious. If any one is interested in finding out more, E-Mail me with your number and I will phone you back. Believe me, this has been a life saver and a definate must for any company that wants top notch investigators. Laura Wallace

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