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19501RE: [infoguys-list] TLO Social Media Search

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  • CW Sellers
    Jun 4, 2014
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      Just one tip about California Courts and the information they provide.

      1. Never trust an online provider of their information.

      2. An in person hand search is always best – I charge the client in full.

      3. Court files may be in chambers if any case is in progress

      4. If the clerk doesn’t like who you send and they are not known to the court as a runner, you ain’t getting $h1T.

      Former court bailiff talking here and every court is different. Most courts are back logged at least 6 months and DMV, they are a whole new animal.

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      I would certainly concur with this comment.

      Sadly, many of the investigators of today rely too heavily upon the Internet and database searches offered by various providers. Unfortunately, far too many people out there calling themselves investigators have no clue that a report from a provider does not an "investigation" make.

      I could sit here all day typing up stories but I happen to have one specifically on point so I'll share that.

      In a recent financial case, I ran the TLO social media search. It provided a lead to the dairy business. I followed that lead to the Department of Agriculture and developed significant information that I would not have otherwise found.

      Another example that may bear mentioning. Last week, I was working up an individual from California. The databases all pointed me to San Diego, County ... among several other places in the guys history. I ran criminal history searches thru providers that specifically include San Diego County as one of their sources. I got zip.

      Further investigative inquiry revealed FIVE (5) felony cases over the last ten years. So, once again, the databases were wonderful insofar as where to look, but no so good as to what was there.

      Bottom line ... like everything else database related, the TLO social media search may provide worthwhile leads, or not, but I believe that this is a developing area for them so who knows what the future may bring.

      I do believe that if Al Gore turns off the Internet tomorrow, a whole lot of "investigators" will be out of business ... but those of us who learned the trade using snail mail, telephones, and 3x5 cards will be just fine. Of course, as some may observe, most of us will be long dead if and when.

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      Like yourself, some hits..some misses. But it recently (last week) gave me a face to put with a name. It's another resource to consider.

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      Subject: [infoguys-list] TLO Social Media Search

      Has anyone used/had any luck with the TLO social media search discussed in this article?

      <http://us2.forward-to-friend.com/forward?u=70978ecaae47a8baa36f8d2d0&id=eaa116c803> TLO/Transunion Social Media Search

      I've tested it with two of the attorneys at my firm and it's found some and missed others.

      Anyone have experience with actual research targets?


      Doug Behr

      Research Assistant

      Large Los Angeles Law Firm

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