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  • Thinks 2 Much (LindaP)
    Aug 10 12:06 AM
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      I am an attorney in Texas. A friend of mine
      recently moved here from California. His
      furniture and personal belongings were to be
      delivered here by a company who contracts with a
      freight company. While his belongings were in
      storage by that company, they mysteriously
      "disappeared" and the company supposedly is unable
      to locate them and of course, is not answering his
      calls, etc. He does not have homeowners/renters
      insurance so this company must be the source of
      redress. This is not an area of law that I'm
      familiar with, nor am I licensed to practice law
      in California. I would appreciate any suggestions
      and/or recommendations for pursuing this matter.

      Thank you,
      Linda Prichard, Esq.