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19497Cost effective GPS that's never out of area

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  • MitchD
    Jun 30, 2014
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      We've acquired a new type of gps line that utilizes satellites for communication as well as location reporting. In other words, a device that doesn't rely on cell towers to provide data, and uses satellite technology to send data to the end user. The device was primarily designed as an anti theft device but will work for our industry.
      Ive tested this device for 3 weeks with over 4000 miles of travel in TN, KY, AL, and MS with NO Loss of coverage.
      • its waterproof, no boxes needed
      • can be hard wired
      • It's small, great for diaper bags, baby carseats, and kids backpacks (custody cases). Easy to hide !
      • Sends location reports in 5 10 and 60 min increments, plus, reports once a day to let u know its alive
      • Subscription fee is once a year!!! 125.00 most co's charge between 25 and 50 per month on contract
      • Uses google maps w earth
      • Sends updates via e mail, works great on smartphones
      • Unit is configured on a PC or mac before its deployed
      • Runs on 4 aaa lithium batteries.
      • Device goes into sleep mode after 5 minutes saving power and adding conceal ability
      • Device automatically lets you know when it moves, providing its own type of geofence
      • The best part: cost is 125.00 plus shipping AND for an additional 18 dollars when activating,you can buy annual insurance where if its lost damaged or stolen its replaced.
      • whats needed?? e mail account, credit card, pad or smartphone to get reports.
      If you are interested in investing in one of these devices pls e mail me with a yes gps in the subject line.I have to buy in lots of 20. As you may know, Ive worked GPS equipment and location support services for a long time. This technology got my attention and has passed my beta test in rural area use.For years satellite service was expensive, and tricky to use. This system is the best I've seen in a long time, its cheap, it works well,its simple to use,what more can u ask for??
      Mitch Davis  
      TSCM/Special Operations Group Inc.
      20 Music Square West,Suite 208 
      Nashville, TN. 37203 USA
      Fax 615.523.0300
      "Maintaining a higher degree of excellence"
      Technical Investigation Services
      Handheld Communication Forensics/GPS forensics
      Technical Surveillance Experts
      Expert Witness Services
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