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19392Re: [infoguys-list] Home Owner's Insurance Policy

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  • Bob Hrodey
    Mar 21, 2014
      On 3/21/2014 8:50 AM, Boerger Investigative Services, LLC wrote:

      Dear Group:

        Is there a means to determine whether a home owner had an insurance policy in effect during the time of a an injury?  Bar calling all the area home owner insurance policy providers.

        Thanking everyone in advance for their anticipated responses.


        Dean Boerger

      If you find one that will tell you that they insure a given property, Dean, please share the information with the group so that none of us wind up dealing with such a company.<g>

      I assume you have an attorney looking for deep pockets with a marginal case and he/she doesn't want to waste their time if he can score a quick payout. 

      Easiest, surest way to identify the carrier (if any) is to file suit and serve the homeowner.  Logic dictates that if there IS insurance, they are going to notify the carrier immediately and they will come forward.  Thereafter, it's a relatively easy process to dig down and get the policy limits.

      Want some assurance of ANY insurance prior to filing suit?  Do a search on the property at the recorder's office.  If there's a mortgage in existence, it is all but assured that there will also be a homeowner's policy in effect.

      Regarding my first, joking, comment...  Calling around would be a bad idea.  Unless it's changed, insurance companies are considered as financial institutions (not sure if it's all encompassing or not, but why take the chance).  The only way - other than with permission or court order - you'd get financial information from a bank is by pretext/fraud.  Don't think that I would ever want to play that game.


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