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    Mar 7, 2014

      Sue I wish someone would take a stand against this type issue. ..but NONE of the security agencies in TENNESSEE seem to take it too seriously.  It is an infringement on private industry.  But as long as law
      enforcement  continues to be allowed to provide private security to government related agencies,  movie theaters, and public sector businesses it will continue to be an infringement on security agencies.

      So what can we really do?

      Again THIS another reason security personnel is paid less than $20 an hour because they are paying the law enforcement agencies double overtime for an officer and vehicle.

      Sheri Turner, TNLPI 3541
      Alpha Omega Legal Specialists, TNLPI Co 901
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      On Mar 7, 2014 2:11 AM, <suesarkis@...> wrote:

      Since the government is not allowed to compete with the private sector except where specifically exempted such as trains, postal delivery, etc., I cannot understand why some of the associations didn't file antitrust actions many, many years ago.  Nipping it in the bud would have been the way to go. 
      Oh well !!
      In a message dated 3/6/2014 9:49:06 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, alphaomegalegal@... writes:


      A majority of security companies are going to unarmed because of liability.
      Many companies are now going to police officers for security details because they are armed, have arrest powers. .etc

      This is already happening in Tennessee.   They will be more like this to come in the future.

      Sheri Turner, TNLPI 3541
      Alpha Omega Legal Specialists, TNLPI Co 901
      POBox 7176
      Maryville, TN 37802
      Office/Cell 865-977-7790

      On Mar 6, 2014 6:23 PM, <suesarkis@...> wrote:

      Where was CALI?  Where was PICA?  Where were the individual security company owners?  For God sakes folks, this is a lifetime strain on our already financially strapped CalPers which means it falls on the backs of the CA taxpayers ..  ALL of the CA taxpayers.  Why the heck shouldn't Facebook be made to hire their own PRIVATE security firm???? 

      Menlo Park: Facebook's offer to pay for neighborhood cop is approved by council

      By Eric Kurhi



      MENLO PARK -- With five unanimous thumbs up, officials on Tuesday agreed to let Facebook foot the bill for a full-time sworn police officer to work out of a substation near the social media giant's new campus.

      Menlo Park police Chief Robert Jonsen called it a "benchmark in private-public partnerships" that will result in a highly visible patrol in the Belle Haven neighborhood, an area that has a lower socioeconomic status than the rest of the city and a higher crime rate.

      "In my 28 years in law enforcement, I have yet to work with a stronger community partner than Facebook," he told the City Council. "They only asked, 'What can we do to make it safer?' "

      Facebook would fund the officer for three years, with an option to extend the agreement for another two. Tuesday's vote accepted the company's offer of $200,000 a year but added a stipulation that there may be a need to ask for more should costs rise due to pension issues.

      "The concept was for Facebook to carry the freight," said City Manager Alex McIntyre, "and they agreed to raise the cap if necessary."

      While a Facebook representative was at the meeting, council and staff did not ask her any questions. There were no public speakers on the item, which garnered praise and thanks from each of the council members.

      The officer's duties will include being a first responder to incidents in the area and a liaison with schools and businesses to create emergency plans -- including violent intruder drills at the various schools and large business campuses in the area.

      A key goal is to reduce truancy, something the police talked about at a meeting with community and school officials in October.

      "We wanted to have something on the outside that would work directly with schools, for a truancy program that would reduce the daytime crime rate, which has to do with truancy," said police Cmdr. Dave Bertini. "Everyone threw their hands up because we don't have the funding to do that right now."

      He said two weeks later they met with Facebook representatives who said they wanted to help, and the seed for the partnership was planted.

      The sworn officer will work at the new substation in a storefront at Hamilton Avenue and Willow Road, which police hope to open within 90 days. There will also be community services and code enforcement officers at the outpost.

      Facebook's new West Campus is being built at Willow Road, just across Highway 84 from its headquarters. The substation is just a few hundred yards away.

      Mayor Ray Mueller was so enthralled by Facebook's offer that he felt uncomfortable asking for the pension stipulation on what he called "a gift focused on youth."

      "There's really something special happening in Menlo Park," he said.

      Contact Eric Kurhi at 408-920-5852. Follow him at Twitter.com/erickurhi.

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