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19374Calling All State of California Licensed Investigations - CALI Leg Day 2014 - YOU ARE WELCOME

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  • CW Sellers
    Mar 1, 2014
      Fellow California State Licensed Investigators,

      Time is running out to register for Leg Day 2014. It's FREE for all members
      so why not register TODAY. If you are new to CALI or have never been to
      Legislative Day, make this year the first time. You will not forget your
      involvement in this event! CALI's Legislative Day is a STAND OUT ALONE
      event in the association's Legislative Advocacy program. A program with your
      best interest in mind.

      Join your CALI colleagues in a fun and rewarding day at the State Capitol in
      Sacramento during CALI's our “Campaign for CALI” lobbying day on Monday,
      March 17, 2014. You and your Colleagues will be addressing issues which
      protect you, your business and your future.

      Why YOU should participate!

      1. You will be able to meet personally with the staff and your Assembly
      and Senate leaders in their offices. Those you have elected. Meetings will
      be schedule with them knowing that they will be speaking with you! They are

      2. You will be able to plant your personal prospective on the 2014
      legislative measures of importance to you, your business and your future.

      3. You will be able to establish connections with your elected
      officials as a constituent from their district, this benefit you for many
      years to come. Relationship is the KEY to success!

      4. You will receive briefings from legislators Democrat and Republican
      legislators, to speak to us and interact with us during both the morning and
      afternoon sessions.

      5. You will hear BSIS Chief Laura Alarcon, she has a plan and wants to
      hear what you have to say.

      NON-MEMBERS. It is underwritten by the association, CALI Districts,
      individuals, fellow investigative firms and corporate sponsorships.

      How important is this EVENT?

      By the time that this year's event takes place our Legislative Committee and
      Lobbyist Jerry Desmond, Jr. will have reviewed over 1,500 new legislative
      bill proposals that have yet to be introduced, and each year we identify a
      number of these bills to be key bills that CALI members lobby for or against
      on Leg Day.

      Already this last year CALI has been engaged and watching legislative

      • To provide individuals with comprehensive control over the use of
      personally identifying information, and would prohibit businesses from
      gathering and selling information from publicly-displayed license plates on

      • To prohibit over-zealous paparazzi activities protect legitimate

      • Ongoing efforts with legislators to continue to be instrumental in
      holding The State Compensation Insurance Fund’s feet to the fire in
      maintaining strong oversight of its Vendor Management Program so that
      licensed investigators in the State of California can continue to provide
      quality investigation services that are so vital to the state’s workers’
      compensation program and fighting insurance fraud.


      • legislation the association sponsored that was enacted into law to
      provide licensed private investigators with access to gated communities to
      serve process

      • Legislation the association worked on that would have eliminated the
      state requirement that local government meetings be open to the public.

      • preserving the ability of State Licensed Investigators to utilize
      pretexting as a tool.

      • preventing exemptions from the state licensure requirements for
      specific professions

      • facilitating the adoption of regulations providing the state with
      new tools to fight unlicensed activities.

      • stopping legislation that would have eliminated the integrity of the
      fees licensed private investigators pay the state.

      PLEASE, join your colleagues and leaders as we storm the Capitol and make
      the issues IMPORTANT to State Licensed Investigators, IMPORTANT to our

      C. W. Sellers
      C.A.L.I. East Bay District Director 2010-Current

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