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19306RE: [infoguys-list] S&W users - buy quickly before they are all gone !!!

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  • Rus B. Robison
    Jan 24, 2014
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      Do you think your elections are driven by “low information” i.e., illegal alien voters, who love the democrats because they let them stay in the country?

      With kindest regards, I remain…

      Very truly yours,



      Rus B. Robison

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      On 1/24/2014 2:43 PM, Rus B. Robison wrote:

      Thanks for the update, Sue.

      Looks like the State of California government has gone totally stupid.

      I have been monitoring this libtard movement myself and I think the only solution is to not sell S&W firearms to the law enforcement community in Californuts.

      The M&P models have sold very well in the LE community and if the officers in Californuts cannot buy them and feel they need them for their personal safety, then they will bring the matter to the public’s attention and to the state government idiots as well.

      I'd submit that Smith & Wesson, Ruger, et al. don't have to take any extra measures to stir this pot. The idiots in Sacramento seem to have handled this all on their own.

      I got a heads up on this yesterday (?) from a good friend at San Diego Co SO. I've not read the law, but he did and (while he's not a lawyer) tells me that there is no law enforcement exemption. New York State deja vu all over again.

      Bottom line = Morons elected by morons who just don't know or care.

      Anyone with half a brain... strike that, I don't want to include legislators in this... Okay, anyone with MORE than the IQ of snail will realize that all it takes to defeat the micro stamping is a small file and two or three light strokes (and, again, I am NOT referring to the strokes in the California Assembly). Just like tool mark evidence on a spent bullet can be negated by the application of a drill or tap reamer to the muzzle end of a barrel, it will take no effort at all to defeat the "fingerprint" of a microstamping scheme.


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