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Re: [infoguys-list] Obama kills another American manufacturer !!!

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      I believe the article  says the company made the decision to cease operations rather then comply with the law and install pollution required changes.  That is a business decision, that not the president shutting them down.  If he personally wanted to shut them down, he does not have the authority to do so.  I would bet they are going over seas where there are no environmental laws to comply with, and where labor is cheaper.  Personally I think it is quite a leap from one smelting  plant closing to, we will no longer be able to buy ammunition.  This is America, someone will fill the void ( if there really is one which I doubt) and sell U all the ammunition U want. 
      The EPA has been with us for years.  Richard Nixon created it, not Obama.   Businesses have to comply with the law and have had to do so for fifty years.  We have to comply with the law and pay what many believe are  excessive licensing fees in many states.  If we choose not to pay them, probably would not be accurate to say Obama closed us down. ( though many will) 
      I love the lists but I really get tired of reading the political posts.  They are usually inaccurate and Fox news rhetoric in my opinion.  I have never commented before.  I do not understand why they are posted in this forum. Everyone has right to their opinion, but again, why here?    Come on guys, if they could not even pass universal background checks for gun purchases after twenty children were gunned down in their own classrooms in a quiet little New England town, do you think we might be able to ratchet the paranoia down a bit.  Obama does not want to take your guns away. Obama cannot take your guns away without passing legislation and we all know that is not going to happen.  I believe the polls showed 96 percent of the public (including gun owners) approved  of requiring universal background checks after Newtown.  That is 96 percent support in a democracy.  It did not pass congress!     I really don't remember any of the proposals after Newtown being particularly onerous or smacking of the will to take our constitutional rights away.   I don't think even one proposal passed on the federal level. ( Did they?)   CT passed a law which I disagree with that requires folks that buy ammo to have a carry license.  I disagree with it but Newtown is in CT.  I think the law makers just felt they had to pass something.  That being said, if you are a law abiding citizen you can get a carry license without much trouble in CT. 
      I like guns, I am former LE, and I am licensed to carry.  I taught my sons how to shoot and gun safety. They both love and own guns. I am an Independent and I vote for both Democratic and Republican candidates depending on their views.  Sometimes folks personal dislike for Obama  promotes the ridiculous. 
      Just my two cents worth.  Everyone have a merry Christmas.
      Gil Whitlock
      Associated Research & Investigations, Ltd
      800 720 8955
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