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191926 Days until- SCFIA's Fraud Training Conference- Oct 29-31,2013- Palm Springs

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  • David Williams
    Oct 22 11:09 AM
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      Only 6 Days to go until Southern California’s premier fraud training conference takes place!


      You’re invited to the Southern California Fraud Investigators’ Association, (SCFIA), 36th Annual Training Conference, October 29-31, 2013 in Cathedral City, CA (near Palm Springs). We are also offering a FREE 2-hour PRE-CONFERENCE training seminar on Monday, October 28, 2013 from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm for those registered for 2013 SCFIA conference in Cathedra City.    The topic is “Understanding Online and Cellular Security Issues.”   We have a great line up of very knowledgeable and informative speakers! Come and network with fellow attendees and make new contacts, as well as, enjoy the “infamous” hospitality room. You can sign up for the whole conference, for one day or even just the Casino Night Dinner and event.  Feel free to forward this to any of your law enforcement, attorney, corporate security, private investigator and insurance fraud contacts.


      Our speakers and topics this year:


      Internet Profiling & Intelligence Gathering              Michelle Stuart- JAG Investigations

      Loan Modification Scams                                            John Noonan/Lita Abella- State Bar of California

      Synthetic Identity Theft                                                Steve Reger- Transunion

      Auto Theft                                                                       Mike Bender- ICW Group

      Identify Theft & Crimes by Meth Users                     Sgt. Terry Medina- Ventura Police Department

      Disability & Voluntary Benefits Fraud                        Natalya Vayn & Ed Malone- Unum Group- SIU

      Arson Case Study                                                           Pete Galassi- Mercury Insurance & Michael Mayman- Riverside DDA

      Understanding Electricity & Myths                            Joe Nowikowski- EFI Global

      Medical Identity Theft                                                  Linda Vincent, RN- Vincent & Associates

      How NICB Assists Law Enforcement                         Ron Michel- NICB

      Real Estate & Mortgage Fraud                                   Peter Pierce- Orange DDA

      Auto Accident Reconstruction                                    David King- MEA Forensic Engineering

      Ethics- Handling Difficult Situations                          Phil Segal- L/O of Kern, Noda, Devine & Segal

                                                                                                Shaddi Kamiabipour- Orange DDA

      Pharmaceutical Fraud                                                   Danny Santiago- Dept. of Justice

      Everest to Arsonist- Suicide in the Courtroom        Ulises Castellon- Fire Cause Analysis

                                                                                                Doug Wood- L/O of Morris, Polich & Purdy

      Fraudulent Water Losses                                             David Bunch- Bunch Investigations

                                                                                                John Edson- L/O of McKenna & Long

      Good Faith Handling of Auto Theft Claims               Jon Coleman- L/O of McDowell, Shaw, Colman & Garcia

                                                                                                Lynette Caldwell- Liberty Mutual Insurance

      Prosecuting Applicant Workers’ Comp Fraud          Ernesto Acosta- Ventura DDA

      Fraud in Court Filings- Bankruptcy, Divorce             Gene Weisberg- L/O of Gladstone, Michel, Weisberg, Willner & etal

                                                                                                Margaret Miglietta- L/O of Cummins & White

      Gas Nozzle Fraud                                                           Chris Mesch

      Date Coding of Window Glass                                    Kenneth Zion- Automotive Collision Consultants

      Russian Armenian Organized Crime                           Amy Suehiro- Los Angeles DDA

                                                                                                Robert Hammond- FBI

      Preserving a Fire Scene                                                Michael Whedon- Whedon Investigations

      Criminal Conspiracies- Medical Providers                Shaddi Kamiabipour- Orange DDA

                                                                                                Scott Zidbeck-Orange DDA

      Financial Fraud                                                               Alphonse Ristuccia- Ristuccia Investigations


      Go to our website www.scfia.org to register online!


      The 2013 SCFIA conference is POST, MCLE and Continuing Education certified.


      Finally it is here! We are making it happen for all attendees at SCFIA’s annual training conference.  We are offering a FREE 2-hour PRE-CONFERENCE training seminar on Monday, October 28, 2013 from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm for those registered for 2013 SCFIA conference in Cathedra City.    The topic is “Understanding Online and Cellular Security Issues.”   With technology constantly changing and becoming easier to access via our mobile devices, we need to understand the security issues we can face with accessing information online.  This class will demonstrate how easily our security can be compromised not only from our online activities but also through the applications downloaded onto our mobile devises.  We will also review ways in securing our information. This class will be offered by Michele Stuart from JAG Investigations.


      Additional SCFIA conference information can be found at: http://www.scfia.org/events.asp?uID=241



      Registration Fee’s:


      $275.00              SCFIA member discount includes members of ASIS/CALI/CDI/FLEOA/Intellenet/NCFIA/NICB

      $220.00              5 or more from the same agency/company

      $325.00              Non-members

      $125.00              Single day attendance(includes same day meals)

      $60.00                Dinner Guest Fee

      $25.00                Lunch Guest Fee


      Conference Location:


      Doral Desert Princess Resort

      67967 Vista chino

      Cathedral City, CA 92234


      Mention SCFIA for discount rates


      Please sign up at www.scfia.org

      PO Box 80617

      San Marino, CA 91118


      The association secretary is:

      Stella Rheinhardt

      Fax 213-226-4022



      Sponsors are still needed and if interested please contact:

      Lita Abella at Lita.Abella@...


      Vendors are still needed and if interested please contact:

                     Joe Ramsey at Joe_Ramsey@...



      David C. Williams

      DCW & Associates Investigations & Research

      16691 Gothard Street, Suite D

      Huntington Beach, CA 92647


      (800) 899-0442 Fax (714) 892-3543

      California PI License # PI 12300

      Website: www.dcwpi.com   Email: dwilliams@... 


      National & International Investigations, Surveillances, Corporate Research, Background Checks


      President for the Southern California Fraud Investigators Association (www.scfia.org)

      Vice President for the California Association of Licensed Investigators (www.cali-pi.org)


      Fraud Training Conference-36th Annual

      SCFIA- October 29-31, 2013- Palm Springs, CA (http://scfia.org/events.asp?uID=241)


      10th Annual SCFIA Christmas Party/Charity Event at Jack Shrimp’s in Newport Beach, CA 6 to 10pm