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1916Carnivore Update

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  • Vicki Siedow
    Jul 28, 2000
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      Courtesy of Kay Proctor at www.talktogov.com

      Technology Daily
      AM Edition

      July 28 2000
      Carnivore Stays On The Prowl

      Attorney General Janet Reno said Thursday she will not suspend the FBI's
      court-approved monitoring of some people's e-mail messages while the law
      enforcement program is under review at the Justice Department, reports


      "I think that (FBI) agents can still use it" during the review of the
      FBI's new Carnivore surveillance system, Reno said at her weekly news
      briefing. Reno said it is important "that we be able to explain the
      process and address the issues raised by the industry, privacy experts
      and others."


      reports that with lawmakers and privacy advocates concerned the system
      allows for widespread surveillance of e-mails, Reno said the first step
      will be for a group of academic experts to conduct a detailed review of
      the computer program's source code.

      Reno's comments came amid a move in Congress to increase the burden on
      federal law enforcement agencies to justify monitoring people's e-mail
      messages and other communications. Rep. Bob Barr, R-GA, confirmed that
      he and his staff are at work on a bill that would rein in Carnivore and
      place additional restrictions on telephone wiretaps as well.

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