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19054Information help Please?

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  • AlvinsBabyCakes
    Jul 9, 2013

      I was wondering if someone could please help me with some information. I
      don't know if any of you have heard about the Jessica Heeringa Case?
      Jessica Heeringa is a 25 year old white female who worked at Exxon gas
      station on Sternberg road in Norton Shores, Muskegon Michigan which is
      not far from where I live . The Norton Shores Police Department asked
      people to turn to the social media in trying to find out information as
      to her disapearance they had no camera's at this gas station therefore;
      any leads if any were very few. So there was a face book page for the
      family of Jessica Heerington called Find Jessica Heeringa One Mission.
      Then there were I believe 2 other groups started from that one where
      people were giving their opinions, tips of what they had heard, etc.
      Anyway so far on the 2nd group on facebook there has been 2 different
      people claim to be private investigators and 1 that claimed he was a
      bounty hunter which was better than a private investigator because he
      had better way or more options available to him in finding information
      that private investigators didn't have. Anyway, the 3rd person is a man
      named Kevin Boedicker . Here is his face book information and another
      bit of information I happend to stumble across :Kevin Boedicker
      Chief/Owner at Temp Guard Security Services, Chief/Owner at Private Eyes
      Loss Prevention and Chief/Owner at Crime Prevention Unit

      Past: self employed

      Studied Bussiness Administration at Remington College-Cleveland

      Past: Lorain County Community College and Cloverleaf High School

      Lives in Cleveland, Ohio


      Kevin Boedicker ยท 468 followers

      Chief/Owner at Crime Prevention Unit

      Seville, Ohio

      What I am asking any of you is this, is there any of you who could
      please tell me if this man in telling the truth or is he not who he says
      he is? This is a very serious situation in which thousands of people
      have put in alot of time and efforts in finding this young woman ,as she
      has a 3 year old little boy who wants his mommy, and alot of loved ones
      wanting also to know where she is and want to find her. This isn't a
      time to be getting scammed and I am so tired of the B.S. of people
      claiming they can help , getting peoples hopes up and then nothing. I
      can tell you this, it has been a very long time since I have seen a
      situation that has captured people's hearts as this case has captured
      thousands of people's hearts and people are reaching out from all over
      offering their help in finding Jessica. It really gives a person a
      feeling of pride when you see this much kindness, generosity, reaching
      out and it is all from the heart of gentleness of these people. The
      Exxon gas station even though they no longer own the Exxon gas stations
      they had all been sold off to individuals , Exxon themselves have
      donated $15,000.00 to Jessica's reward fund and there has been several
      fundraisers so far. Even though it has been over 2 months people refuse
      to give up trying to find Jessica and bring her home to her little boy
      who doesn't understand why mommy didn't come home. It is such a heart
      wrenching case and situation that I feel it is so cruel to have someone
      claim to be someone they arent and I can't remember how to go about
      questioning a person as it has been years since I was here on the group.
      I am asking anyone please if you have it in your heart to please help me
      in this situation of finding out if this Kevin Boedicker is who he is
      claiming to be, as he is supposedly getting his unit ready and coming up
      here to Norton Shores , Muskegon Mi and there are several people who
      also want to be added to his so called team, in his investigation of
      Jessica Heerington, and also I probably really got him as I did ask for
      his background information, as he offered it to one of the members and
      she got scared and said no thank you I was just asking a question, as he
      is overbearing and rude actually. However; if he infact is who he says
      he is, I am sure he would be welcomed with open arms for his help, and
      if it is the opposite I feel the let down is going to really devastate
      several of the members who have worked on this day and night. So if any
      of you can please find out who this man actually is and what he is, I
      would be so very gratefull, and so thankful for any and all help in this
      situation. Again, Thank you all so very much for just reading this, if
      nobody can help, or don't want to get involved in finding out the
      information on him, I understand as you all have your lives and jobs
      also, so I definately understand. Anything, including any of you reading
      this is greatly appreciated, and I thank each and every one of you..God
      Bless you all..


      Cindy Meister



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