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19037Re: [infoguys-list] Oops, I think I used the wrong address

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  • suesarkis2001
    Jun 24, 2013
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      Bob said -

      Both reasonable actions AFAIK. Perhaps a 30 day moderation period for
      new (and unknown) users would be apropos.

      Sue says - I agree

      Bob said -

      That's throne and good to hear on the second but I must say that if the
      last sentence is true, god (or whomever) help us all!<g>

      Sue says - I swear I typed throne. So be it for spell check.

      Bob said -

      Let me get this straight... what you're saying is that none of the
      current moderators (active, for want of a better word) has the keys to
      this shuttle bus? You can open and close the door but that's it?

      Sue says - Nope. They all have the ability to make the changes.


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