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  • Bob Hrodey
    Apr 29, 2013
      On 4/29/2013 12:51 PM, RickyG wrote:
      > I don't understand how any of you missed this legitimate word? Although Mitch misused it, Sue did not understand it, Ron has never heard of it, Bob is making a joke of it, and Bill has given us a history lesson on it; nobody seems to understand it!
      > Scrupulation (1) Scrutiny of another person's scruples. (The Judge's scrupulation of the witness was not very flattering). (After intense scrupulation of Derrick Marshall, I found him running low on scruples).
      > Present Tense: Scrupulate (1) To scrutinize another person's scruples. (Due to the statement that you just made, I feel compelled to scrupulate you).
      > Past Tense: Scrupulated (1) To have scrutinized another person scruples. (He was intensely scrupulated, and I now trust him).
      > You pepes gotta learn something bout the English language!

      Aren't you 'posed to have sumthin' dere bout y'all?


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