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  • oracleintl
    Apr 29, 2013
      Hi Sue,
      I wondered that as well. I am not sure that scrupulation is a
      legitimately recognized modern era word but it does appear to have been used in Old
      English as a substitute for the word, "scrutiny." For example, "... in
      England, called Muswell, which, after long scrupulation and inquisition, this
      well was found, and performed the cure ..."
      Although the sentence makes no sense to me, I find this modern era example
      - "... wrote a touching letter to President Bill Clinton in support of the
      application and Clinton granted, even though his presidential term was in
      mass scrupulation."
      Even in context, I have no clue what that means.
      I also find others that do seem to make better sense,
      "... been some scrupulation to the legitimacy of the "heritage" of the
      flag, it remains a powerful symbol of the South-Eastern United States. (From
      the Urban Dictionary about the Confederate Flag)
      "The B.P.'s viewpoint led to intense scrupulation by the authorities."
      "... that the original origins of the universe and the meaning of life
      theory you developed would stand up to the most microscopic scrupulation?"
      "After much scrupulation over whether or not a Brightside ..."
      I still do not believe it is a legitimately recognized word, but further
      inquisition and scrupulation would be required before I would feel sure.

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      suesarkis@... writes:

      Forgive my ignorance but what the heck is scrupulation?


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      _MitchD@..._ (mailto:MitchD@...) writes:

      were here because the dr oz show changed air time and faced network
      scrupulation on the wide discussion of flatulation in the home and
      workplace and how to curnb it ;) lol

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      On 4/26/2013 3:02 PM, RickyG wrote:
      > Lady's and Gentlemen,
      > If you are going to post message to InfoGuys, then please don't
      > advertise other Yahoo Groups, and post unflattering remarks about the
      > moderators of InfoGuys. Does anyone here other than our "resident
      > dipstick" believe that I am going to let a post advertising other
      > Groups, and insulting our moderators go through?
      > I do believe in being able to have your say, but c'mon! There has to
      > be a point in which common sense should prevail when a person posts to
      > a group. You have to know that if you want to post negative comments
      > about this group and it's moderators, that the post has a high
      > likelihood of not going through.
      > Besides, if you think so little of this group, why are you here?
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