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  • karousel
    Mar 19, 2013
      Thank you for your reply.

      The FBI states they investigate color of law complaints against law enforcement. The information was sent to the FBI, and the person never received a response.

      I'll pass along your suggestion. Thanks again.

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      That's not illegal anywhere ... dangerous, and perhaps very naively
      foolish, but absolutely legal.

      If I was dealing with a serious corruption related situation, and false
      statements by law enforcement authorities, I would put the case together and
      let the DOJ explain to the officer why they should tell the truth.

      In my view, any PI that would take on the job of "cleaning up"
      institutionalized law enforcement corruption would be far too naive and inexperienced
      to be up to the job.

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      karousel@... writes:

      In NYS, is it illegal or unethical for a private investigator to approach a
      police officer (works for an out-of-control police department) and discuss
      the advantages of this officer coming forward and telling the truth in a


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