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18700An Overview of New 2013 Laws Affecting California Employers

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  • suesarkis@aol.com
    Oct 31, 2012
      Thought I'd share this with you to see if any of the new CA Labor laws
      might affect you or your friends and colleagues. If anyone needs to read the
      actual law, go to the BILL INFO link at _www.leginfo.ca.gov_
      (http://www.leginfo.ca.gov) and enter the bill # where appropriate.

      If anyone didn't get the link and wants the attachment, send me a private
      email and I'll send it to you personally.

      An Overview of New 2013 Laws Affecting California Employers
      New employment laws could affect your California business' day-to-day
      operations and company policies in 2013. Download CalChamber's white paper "An
      Overview of New 2013 Laws Affecting California Employers" for an overview
      of the changes in the law and how each of these California laws could affect
      your business.

      New Laws for 2013:
      * Religion and Reasonable Accommodation
      * Sex Discrimination and Breastfeeding
      * Social Media and Personal Passwords
      * Inspection of Personnel Records
      * Itemized Wage Statements/Temporary Service Employers
      * Penalties for Wage Statement Violations
      * Commission Agreements
      * Fixed Salaries and Overtime
      * Wage Garnishment
      * Human Trafficking Posting
      * Workers' Compensation Reform
      * Accessibility Reform
      * FEHC Eliminated, Duties Transferred to the DFEH
      * Intellectual Disabilities
      * Unemployment Insurance: Overpayment and Penalties
      * Prevailing Wage
      * Farm Labor Contractors
      * Warehouse Workers

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