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18490[infoguys-list] Re: Just what the hell is he smoking? My 2.5 MPG gas guzzler

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  • oracleintl@aol.com
    Aug 31, 2012
      Ok, you cannot put a pic in your post ... you cannot include an attachment
      ... so let's try a link ...




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      Damn ... evidently, you cannot put a picture in the post. I'll try an
      attachment ... about 2 - 2.5 MPG.


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      I'm gonna keep driving my ...


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      Screw em'!

      I am going to keep driving my gas guzzling, carbon footprint the size of
      bigfoot making, Mercedes Benz tank of a sweet driving car until the damned
      wheels fall off of it!

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      > I find it not only insufferable and unconscionable but also
      > for the government to demand that manufacturers produce something by a
      > deadline when it is not known if it is even scientifically possible to
      > same. How many more lives have to be lost? How can our CEO mandate that
      > all vehicles almost double their fuel efficiency in a mere 13 years?
      > life threatening measures will need to be taken to guarantee in excess
      > 55 mpg?
      > Obama Has Finally Found A Way To Combine Death And Taxes
      (___http://smna.shufflingmadness.com/track?type=click&enid=ZWFzPTEmbWFp___ (http://smna.shufflingmadness.com/track?type=click&enid=ZWFzPTEmbWFp__)
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      > acytoaction.com/ngr/campaign.aspx?pid=396)
      > Obama is a genius. This time, he’s figured out how to make you less
      > raise your expenses, limit your choices and satisfy his environmental
      > friends all at once…by turning his attention to what kind of car you
      > Maybe you drive a larger vehicle because you need the extra room;
      > it makes you feel safer on the road, or maybe you just like the features
      > offers. We don’t really care; and our point is, neither should the
      > government.
      > But Obama has now quietly signed into law a new environmental regulation
      > that will add at least $2,000 to the cost of each vehicle you purchase,
      > will force auto manufacturers to make cars smaller and less safe on our
      > roadways.
      > On Tuesday, while you were going about your business and paying
      > to Hurricane Isaac and the Republican National Convention, Obama enacted
      > his new “car tax,” which he describes as “historic.”
      > It’s historic, all right. The government is now in charge of what we
      > drive.
      > What Obama has done is tinker with Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE)
      > standards, a plan that will cost up to $157 billion in the push to
      > the fuel efficiency of cars by 2025.
      > What it is, in fact, is a giant regulatory burden and “green”
      > that will interfere with our free market, punish businesses and limit
      > consumer choice.
      > House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa
      > (R-CA) put a statement on his panel’s website, “The rule finalized
      today by
      > the Obama Administration will hurt American consumers by forcing them to

      > drive more expensive and less safe automobiles. The Administration
      > these standards in secret, strong-arming automakers and short-circuiting
      > deliberative regulatory process to achieve a purely political result,
      > abandoning sound science and objectivity to appease its political allies

      in the
      > extreme environmentalist lobby.”
      > The current CAFE standard is 30.2mpg; Obama’s new rule will require
      > automakers to reach 55.4mpg. He says it will save consumers money.
      Whenever the
      > government claims it has done a calculation that will save you money,
      > your wallet.
      > But worse yet, studies over the past decade have shown that these new
      > efficiency standards are expensive and deadly.
      > The liberal party of death must figure if going green means losing a few
      > lives so be it. Consider the evidence against previous CAFE standards,
      > taking into account the new, more punitive and aggressive ones Obama
      > jammed through:
      > * Sam Kazman at the Competitive Enterprise Institute: “The National
      > Academy of Sciences…issued a report last August finding that CAFE
      > contributes to between 1,300 and 2,600 traffic deaths per year.”
      > * USA Today: “size and weight reductions of passenger vehicles
      > undertaken to meet current CAFE standards had resulted in more than
      > deaths.”
      > * H. Sterling Burnett of the National Center for Policy Analysis: “
      > 322 additional deaths per year occur as a direct result of reducing just

      > pounds from already downsized small cars.”
      > * National Academy of Sciences’ auto fuel-economy study: “larger,
      > heavier cars are more crashworthy than similarly equipped small cars,
      > CAFE restricts the production of those safer cars for the sake of fuel
      > economy.”
      > Michelle Malkin says, “CAFE fuel standards clamp down on the
      production of
      > larger, more crashworthy cars…CAFE kills.”
      > Last year when Obama announced his intention to change standards, Issa
      > warned, “Beyond jobs that would be lost as a result of this rule,
      there are
      > concerns that these new regulations were crafted in a manner
      > with laws and basic standards of transparency that had the effect of
      > special interest agendas.”
      > He was rightly concerned that the Obama administration tends to do
      > behind closed doors. Remember Carol Browner, former Obama climate czar,
      > told auto industry executives “to put nothing in writing, ever”
      when she was
      > working backroom deals drafting these standards.
      > Of course Obama says “it’s good for middle class families”â€
      "ignoring the
      > fact that these very people will have to pay thousands more for each
      > vehicle and they may not want to buy the kind of car Obama tells them
      they should
      > buy. (Chevy Volt, anyone?)
      > Remember, Obama knows what is good for you. If you have a family, you
      > t build that. He did, and he’ll tell you how to run it.
      > But you can’t say he didn’t warn us. He said, “You can’t
      drive your SUV’
      > s, or eat what you want, or keep your thermostat at 72 degrees, and then
      > expect other countries will just say O.K.”
      > So I guess we should lock up our pantries and hide our thermostats,
      > because he’s probably coming for those things next.
      > The dictator in the White House has no business regulating consumers
      > poverty and oppression. He has consistently inserted himself into the
      > market and is regulating us to death…literally.
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