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18451Who Do You Report A PI Problem To?

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  • RickyG
    Aug 16, 2012
      I tried to stay out of this, but there are just a few issues here that needs to be addressed.

      First, some very brief background. I referred this lady to Bill Branscum. I did this because it seemed that he case dealt with corruption issues, some financial issues, and it was in Florida. Primarily in this case, when I heard that there were some financial issues; I mentioned Bill's name. Bill Branscum's name is the FIRST name I mention to anyone that has a case involving financial issues that need to be examined. In my opinion, Bill Branscum is the "Go To Guy" for investigations involving financial issues. I know that I am sending a prospective client to a well credentialed, highly experienced Investigator that knows what he is doing when I refer that person to Bill Branscum. I am just sorry that this turned into an ordeal that wasted Bill's time.

      Jayne, here is one of the issues that I have. First, I know you don't have a lot of money; but surely you could have afforded $50.00 or $100.00 for Bill spending his time going over this case with you? It might not have been much, but Bill is a reasonable and fair man that is willing to help anyone out just for the asking. You would have at least shown Bill that you were trying to respect his time and his experience if you would have made this small payment for his time and experience. I am wondering why that did not occur to you?

      Secondly, now after you have kept him on the phone and writing emails to you for FREE, FREELY giving you advice, and FREELY guiding you though what to do and what not to do in a case like this; you "flaunt" this case in his face and tell him how he will read about it in the paper? Really? That is how you return his acts of kindness to you? I would have thought that you would have shown some contrition? I would have thought that you would have publicly thanked him for his time and efforts, and mentioned that if you do receive some award for damages in your case, you will settle up with him? I mean it is not like you were getting some advice from some "wanna-be Private Investigator" that managed to get his licensed. The advice you got was from a well respected, highly experienced, superbly credentialed Investigator that specializes in financial crimes cases, and has worked some of the largest cases that I know of any Private Investigator working. I can not understand why you would not be grateful for his time, and apologetic for not being able to pay him for it. It just seems like the decent thing to do; to me......

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