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  • donna stein
    Jul 1, 2012
      Thanks everybody. Thanks Steven, I actually thought of you, we met at the HOPE Conference. Just might give you a call.

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      > 1.  Any
      > guesses why there be a vast amount of cell calls of which are less than 1
      > minute (same sender, same receiver & then immediately reversed for
      > the call back).

      There are countless possible reasons for this. The funniest / most
      ridiculous was one I saw approx 2 years ago...some young knuckleheads in Florida saw
      an old movie where police were talking about needing 3 minutes to trace a
      call, and the knuckleheads thought that still LEGALLY applied, and they kept
      all of their harassing cell phone calls down to 2 minutes.

      There are of course many other possible reasons, ranging from short calls
      to give directions, to the length of time necessary to send a photo, to a bad
      cell phone plan to a cell phone being used as a tracking or alarm device
      and one minues it the trigger/transmit time. IMO pointless to try to guess w-o
      more info.

      > 2. How can I find out about an
      > individual's small-time criminal history (like DWI, petty theft, etc.)
      > in Nassau County, NY (2nd district, Hempstead, Long Island, NY)? Is this
      > public info? I was told they wouldn't respond to a FOIA request.
      > Thanks for your time.

      We can assist with this, not a problem. Contact info below.


      (Steven Rambam, Director, CFE, CPP, PSP, PCI, CSAR)
      (for: Pallorium, Inc.)

      USA Tel: 001-212-969-0286
      direct e-mail: rambam@...

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