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18210Double Your PI Income Seminar Schedule

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  • Jimmie Mesis
    May 1, 2012
      “How to Double Your PI Income”

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      (Click here for more details
      <http://www.pimagazine.com/PI-Secrets-Revealed.htm> )

      May 9 – West Columbia, South Carolina

      May 19 – Freehold, New Jersey*

      June 28 – San Diego, California

      July 21 – Freehold, New Jersey*

      September 15 – Freehold, NJ*

      * Semi-private seminar limited for only 7 attendees

      More than 3,000 PIs have already attended my full-day seminar and not one
      has ever taken advantage of my Money Back Guarantee. That’s right, if you
      are not totally blown away by what I have taught you in the morning session,
      don’t come back for the afternoon session and I’ll give you a full “no
      questions asked” refund! I’ll teach YOU exactly what to do and how YOU can
      actually double your PI income and client base! Here is a sample of what
      you will learn in one day:

      Learn How to: Increase Your Hourly Rate & Get Larger Retainers!

      I’ll show you two amazing techniques that will immediately increase your
      hourly rate and the retainer amounts you get without losing clients? This
      tip alone will significantly help to increase your income.

      Learn How to: Convert More Phone Inquiries into Clients

      Not only will you learn how to turn callers into clients, you'll also learn
      a script you and your staff can use whenever your telephone rings. But
      first, I’ll teach you how to get your business phone to ring and have
      clients calling YOU instead of YOU chasing them.

      Learn How to: Ask & Get Cases from Lawyers

      If you want lawyers as clients, you’ll learn how to get past the gate
      keepers and reach the decision makers. You'll learn how to ask and get
      appointments and cases right away. You'll even learn how to get the
      secretary or paralegal to be your main source of new work. I’ll also provide
      you with a telephone script of what to say.

      Learn How to: Ask & Get Cases from Insurance Companies

      How would you like to learn how to get added to the Authorized Vendors List
      at many of the insurance companies you contact? You’ll learn a very simple
      technique I’ve used that gets the attention of insurance companies, which
      often results in being hiring on the spot!

      Learn How to: Turn a Database Search into a $250 - $750 Intelligence Report

      I’ll show you how to take one or more database searches, along with some
      free Internet searches, and put a specialized report together that clients
      will pay you hundreds of dollars for. You’ll also learn the two steps that
      makes this work and help you generate thousands of dollars in extra income.

      Learn How to: Get More Than Half Your Cases from the Internet

      Many investigators are reporting that as much as 50% of their cases and
      income are coming from the Internet. You'll learn exactly what to do to get
      or update your website on the Internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo
      and Bing. You'll learn how to get your website ranked and show up on the
      first page of the search engines.

      (Click here for more details
      <http://www.pimagazine.com/PI-Secrets-Revealed.htm> )

      If you decide not to attend one of these events then ask yourself one simple

      “What will I do tomorrow that’s any different than what I did today that
      will help me acquire more clients and make more money as a PI?”

      Come to one of my seminars and I’ll show you what works, what doesn’t and
      exactly what to do to double your PI income!

      Jimmie Mesis, LPI

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      PI Magazine, Inc.
      4400 Route 9, suite 1000
      Freehold, NJ 07728
      T - (732)308-3800 F - (732) 303-3314
      www.PImagazine.com <http://www.pimagazine.com/>

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