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18136A Skipmax Announcement - March 22, 2012

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  • Terry Sweet
    Mar 22, 2012
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      A Skipmax Announcement - March 22, 2012
      Guaranteed Bank, Brokerage and POE searches

      Hello: Group

      NDR is now offering the following Asset Searches. These searches are GLB compliant and no pretext investigations are used in this search. We guarantee our results and the following is provided based on accounts located or Place of Employment found and verified. These are hand Searched through proprietary financial databases and proven deep data mining techniques. The turnaround time and hit ration percentages are provided below.

      Bank & Brokerage Accounts: We provide bank name, address, phone, and routing numbers. Note: We do not provide Account Numbers Or Balances.
      Required search criteria: first and last name, SSN, & last known address.

      100% money back guarantee: All bank and brokerage accounts that are provided are guaranteed to be open deposit accounts as of the day we provide the results

      POE Search: We provide employers name, address and phone number and possible position with the company Required search criteria: first and last name, SSN, & last known address.

      100% money back guarantee: All POE's located are guaranteed to be current active employees and guaranteed for 7 days after results are provided.

      Payment and Cost: All searches require a deposit from your SkipMax account for the full amount of the "Hit" results is to be paid in advance prior to the searches to be run. All searches incur a $10.00 Processing fee which is included with the Hit and subject to the No Hit. The price listed is for all accounts found not per account found.

      For Pricing and turnaround, Please log into your account at www.skipmax.com

      Please review the following as we have other new products available.

      Other New Products:

      On-Site/Direct Vehicle Searches NEW

      This is a search of vehicle ownership records directly with 49 state DMV's. The search is a delayed pre-paid search and turnaround times and pricing are posted in your acount on a link named "Vehicle Searches". You can search by name and address, TAG or VIN.

      Coverage: United States, all states except New Hampshire

      Coming Soon:

      Real Time ( Instant ) - Bank Account Database Search
      Real Time - POE Search Database.
      Delayed hand Phone Searches Guaranteed Results.
      Investigative Assisted Searches - Hand Searches
      On-Site Criminal and Civil Searches.

      Terry Sweet
      National Data Research Inc.

      The New Age of Searching