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1749Re: [infoguys-list] LAW or JUSTICE

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    May 31, 2000
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      As US State and Federal Law is broadly based upon English Common Law, it is
      as well to take into consideration when responding to the "Challenge" that
      the principle of precedent is a fundamental part of the Common Law System.
      This by definition, allows the broadly accepted Rules of Society (Law) to
      change and modernise in tandem with changes in Society as time progresses.
      Common Law being defined as those laws which have existed from time
      immemorial, and which are interpreted by the Courts according to the
      changing social demands and practices relevant at the time of determination.
      Thus Precedent is a very valuable tool in dealing with the rapidly changing
      standards of life.

      Perhaps even more important, the use of Precedent acts as a control factor
      to new Statutes introduced by the Legislative Bodies.

      Respectfully submitted

      Priority Investigations
      Head Office
      Belfast N. Ireland.

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      > WHEREAS
      > 1. Justice is a stated goal of the US Constitution.
      > 2. Justice was understood to transcend law.
      > a. Common Sense, Tom Paine - "law and government unnecessary while
      > (people) remained perfectly just to each other"
      > 3. Performance of justice is assigned only to the Judiciary.
      > 1. Legal precedent should not be a deciding factor in court decisions.
      > 2. The 101st(I think) Congress' adjustment of the federal judge's
      > oath placing judicial activity "under" law was unconstitutional.
      > Comments please.
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