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  • Gladys
    Jun 30, 2011
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      I have not posted much here lately but I wanted to reintroduce myself and our services to you all.

      I specialize in domestic, divorce, infidelity & child custody, adoption reunions, locates, online research, court retrieval services, process, courier and fraud investigations such as copy right violations as well as assisting in preparation for trial in criminal or civil cases. I also can assist you in referrals and or assigning specialized services in other areas I do not personally handle myself.

      My primary coverage area is Mississippi & Alabama but also am interested in special assignments in Idaho, Alaska, Colorado, Wyoming & South Dakota.

      We carry liability & E&O insurance and I handle most of the cases myself personally.

      Please check out my web page, www.accurateinvestigation.com, give me a call at 601-480-3181 or email me at accurateinvest@....

      Thanks so much

      Gladys Brierley
      Accurate Investigations
      PO BOX 872
      Newton, MS 39345