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  • yp_angelina_orlando_200
    Apr 17, 2011
      Sorry guys I never meant to cause such a frivolous uproar. I am was not being deceptive but didn't want to disclose who I am or where do to the current lawsuit going on. I was only looking for insight into whether I had tunnel vision. I already hired one PI who took me for $5000.00 I couldn't afford and found less than I did using the web. I was looking for professional answers from people involved in these types of things to determine whether to pursue it further. I don't have another $5000.00 to throw to the wind if no one has any idea how to prove it. Unfortunately I found none here. But I cast my lines everywhere. I only need to find one answer.
      Oh, to clarify, it is not the attorney I know has been paid off in the past. It is my ex whom I know has a past of paying off whomever he needs too. And I'm not from Orlando. FL has more cities than that.
      --- In infoguys-list@yahoogroups.com, "yp_angelina_orlando_200" <sisenoritabonita@...> wrote:
      > First be clear I'm not a bitter ex wanting revenge. I have a malpractice attorney, am suing former divorce attorney but because of events have strong reasons to believe he was paid off by ex (something he has done often in the past) or threatened.
      > Anyone have skills, knowledge, know where to look or can refer someone able to prove this? Malpractice attorney amazed at what he did and didn't do. Had a reputation as excellent family lawyer. No problem proving malpractice but if suspicions correct want it exposed. As experts would also appreciate your feedback regarding if there isn't something fishy in Denmark or do you think I'm on the wrong path..
      > Couple of many examples:
      > Didn't look at, copy, discuss second set of books found, stolen from home days after I took them to him. Froze like deer in headlights when told what I had.
      > Never shown letter from ex's attorney with copies of emails obtained from monitoring my computer and documents stolen from my home allowing to continue. Said ex had right to do this when discovered later.
      > Ex tried strangling, leaving bruises around throat, arms. Recommended using to get him to move from home, not to call police or take pictures, calling it a fuss in brief letter to his attorney.
      > No discovery on LLC I found not listed on affidavit or 2 listed without values.
      > Went to mediation before receiving results from 4 banks supeoned.
      > Recommended against doing depositions though known undisclosed assets. Canceled first scheduled claiming swine flu.
      > Did not show or tell me of ex's amended affidavit claiming almost everything as his non-marital property filed after settlement reached day of mediation. Discovered when malpractice attorney obtained copies from courthouse. Questioned said it was handed me at mediation, Not true.
      > Went to mediation with no financials, bank balances, liabilities for business, main asset. Husband removed 3 weeks prior, leaving no income for my living. Did nothing. Pushed me to accept business without them and the home starting foreclosure assuring everything had to be made current and was in contract as I signed it.
      > Didn't address any bank accounts ex removed all funds from allowed him to keep all cash.
      > After settlement worked frantically assuring I gave everything agreed to. Tried to get me to give additional not agreed to. Nothing to obtain my settlement. Would look better to judge in contempt and had me making spreadsheets for bills, stolen equipment, unreturned business income. Later said would cost $8000.00 for forensic accountant, fees for both attorneys if lost, recommended against. Knew left with negative bank balance, $100,000 in undisclosed, unpaid bills, home in foreclosure. Denied saying bills had to be current or anything taken returned. Wasn't in contract.
      > Ex took millions. I received home in foreclosure, the business the bank called same week threatening foreclosure for mortgages not paid, 3 bank accounts totaling $176.00 overdrawn and additional $80,000 in unpaid bills and building violations uncorrected and obligated to pay $24,000 in taxes owed on husband's settlement. He didn't ask for any alimony. His advice? Move on with life.
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