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  • RickyG
    Apr 16, 2011

      Due to my superior investigative prowess, finely tuned "speculation machine", extraordinary powers of observation, and ability to fully read Yahoo Group Posts; I can answer two (2) of the questions for you:

      (1) This person is in Orlando, FL.

      (2) This person does not have a lot of money at all; unless this person has recently won the lottery.

      Uhhh, that was not me bragging; that was me being humorous!

      Ricky Gurley

      Risk Management Research & Investments, Inc.
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      --- In infoguys-list@yahoogroups.com, suesarkis@... wrote:
      > Dear Nameless:
      > Asking a group of experts for help without having the respect of
      > identifying yourself is not a way to garner many responses. Also, providing so much
      > irrelevant information while neglecting to mention important things such
      > as what State this case is being heard in is not a way to attract many
      > replies.
      > However, the most important question, as far as I am concerned, is how big
      > is your budget?
      > My next question is what evidence, if any, do you have that the attorney
      > has been paid off in the past as you have alleged?
      > Sincerely,
      > Sue
      > In a message dated 4/16/2011 3:04:02 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time,
      > sisenoritabonita@... writes:
      > First be clear I'm not a bitter ex wanting revenge. I have a malpractice
      > attorney, am suing former divorce attorney but because of events have strong
      > reasons to believe he was paid off by ex (something he has done often in
      > the past) or threatened.
      > Anyone have skills, knowledge, know where to look or can refer someone
      > able to prove this? Malpractice attorney amazed at what he did and didn't do.
      > Had a reputation as excellent family lawyer. No problem proving malpractice
      > but if suspicions correct want it exposed. As experts would also
      > appreciate your feedback regarding if there isn't something fishy in Denmark or do
      > you think I'm on the wrong path..
      > Couple of many examples:
      > Didn't look at, copy, discuss second set of books found, stolen from home
      > days after I took them to him. Froze like deer in headlights when told what
      > I had.
      > Never shown letter from ex's attorney with copies of emails obtained from
      > monitoring my computer and documents stolen from my home allowing to
      > continue. Said ex had right to do this when discovered later.
      > Ex tried strangling, leaving bruises around throat, arms. Recommended
      > using to get him to move from home, not to call police or take pictures,
      > calling it a fuss in brief letter to his attorney.
      > No discovery on LLC I found not listed on affidavit or 2 listed without
      > values.
      > Went to mediation before receiving results from 4 banks supeoned.
      > Recommended against doing depositions though known undisclosed assets.
      > Canceled first scheduled claiming swine flu.
      > Did not show or tell me of ex's amended affidavit claiming almost
      > everything as his non-marital property filed after settlement reached day of
      > mediation. Discovered when malpractice attorney obtained copies from courthouse.
      > Questioned said it was handed me at mediation, Not true.
      > Went to mediation with no financials, bank balances, liabilities for
      > business, main asset. Husband removed 3 weeks prior, leaving no income for my
      > living. Did nothing. Pushed me to accept business without them and the home
      > starting foreclosure assuring everything had to be made current and was in
      > contract as I signed it.
      > Didn't address any bank accounts ex removed all funds from allowed him to
      > keep all cash.
      > After settlement worked frantically assuring I gave everything agreed to.
      > Tried to get me to give additional not agreed to. Nothing to obtain my
      > settlement. Would look better to judge in contempt and had me making
      > spreadsheets for bills, stolen equipment, unreturned business income. Later said
      > would cost $8000.00 for forensic accountant, fees for both attorneys if lost,
      > recommended against. Knew left with negative bank balance, $100,000 in
      > undisclosed, unpaid bills, home in foreclosure. Denied saying bills had to be
      > current or anything taken returned. Wasn't in contract.
      > Ex took millions. I received home in foreclosure, the business the bank
      > called same week threatening foreclosure for mortgages not paid, 3 bank
      > accounts totaling $176.00 overdrawn and additional $80,000 in unpaid bills and
      > building violations uncorrected and obligated to pay $24,000 in taxes owed
      > on husband's settlement. He didn't ask for any alimony. His advice? Move on
      > with life.
      > Sincerely yours,
      > Sue
      > ________________________
      > Sue Sarkis
      > Sarkis Detective Agency
      > (est. 1976)
      > PI 6564
      > _www.sarkispi.com_ (http://www.sarkispi.com/)
      > 1346 Ethel Street
      > Glendale, CA 91207-1826
      > 818-242-2505
      > "one Nation under God" and "in GOD we TRUST"
      > If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you can read it in English,
      > thank a military veteran
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