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  • suesarkis@aol.com
    Mar 27, 2011
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      Stephen -

      Well, so be it for me and my moderating. LOL It appeared as if you had
      sent duplicate messages so I only approved one of them.

      Folks, Stephen so nicely provided the following which I responded privately
      to and then erased without thinking. Now, before anyone goes jumping down
      my throat this is the very first time in all of my years of moderating
      that I've made such a mistake. I just took it as a personal response,
      responded privately and, oh well..... Here's what he sent.

      PEN ยง1054.8. (a) No prosecuting attorney, attorney for the defendant, or
      investigator for either the prosecution or the defendant shall interview,
      question, or speak to a victim or witness whose name has been disclosed by
      the opposing party pursuant to Section 1054.1 or 1054.3 without first clearly
      identifying himself or herself, identifying the full name of the agency by
      whom he or she is employed, and identifying whether he or she represents,
      or has been retained by, the prosecution or the defendant. If the
      interview takes place in person, the party shall also show the victim or witness a
      business card, official badge, or other form of official identification
      before commencing the interview or questioning.
      (b) Upon a showing that a person has failed to comply with this section, a
      court may issue any order authorized by Section 1054.5.

      Now, in regard to the PI Act. The only regulation that I am aware of in
      regard to our pocket ID card is that it must be shown to when asked to be
      seen. For instance, law enforcement when they need to verify our licensure
      status for things such as inmate visits, etc. If you are aware of any other
      regulation as indicated in the section provided, please so inform.



      As Follow Up To My Last Message, California Business and Profession Code
      Section 7520 and 7520.1...Refer to the Licensing of Individuals as Private

      The Last Line of B&P Code Section 7529...States....."Every person, while
      engaged in any activity for which licensure is required, shall display his
      or her valid pocket card as provided by regulation."

      7529. Upon the issuance of a license, a pocket card of the size,
      design, and content as may be determined by the director shall be
      issued by the bureau to each licensee, if an individual, or if the
      licensee is a person other than an individual, to its manager and to
      each of its officers and partners. The pocket card is evidence that
      the licensee is licensed pursuant to this chapter. The card shall
      contain the signature of the licensee, signature of the chief, and a
      photograph of the licensee, or bearer of the card, if the licensee is
      other than an individual. The card shall clearly state that the
      person is licensed as a private investigator or is the manager or
      officer of the licensee. The pocket card is to be composed of a
      durable material and may incorporate technologically advanced
      security features. The bureau may charge a fee sufficient to
      reimburse the department's costs for furnishing the pocket card. The
      fee charged may not exceed the actual direct costs for system
      development, maintenance, and processing necessary to provide this
      service, and may not exceed sixteen dollars ($16). When a person to
      whom a card is issued terminates his or her position, office, or
      association with the licensee, the card shall be surrendered to the
      licensee and within five days thereafter shall be mailed or delivered
      by the licensee to the bureau for cancellation. Every person, while
      engaged in any activity for which licensure is required, shall
      display his or her valid pocket card as provided by regulation.

      Stephen A. Comando
      S. A. Comando Private Investigations
      5009 Nautilus Street, # 2
      Oxnard, CA 93035
      License Number: PI 17925

      Telephone: (805) 985 1410
      Mobile: (805) 717 3773
      _S.Comando@..._ (mailto:S.Comando@...)

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