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  • suesarkis@aol.com
    Mar 27, 2011
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      Bill -

      I just approved post from a member. I originally hadn't but rather
      replied privately. However, your post made me realize that everyone can benefit.


      In a message dated 3/27/2011 3:35:53 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time,
      oracleintl@... writes:

      Hi Sue,

      Since I couldn't find a statute either (I have CA on Lexis) I checked CA
      cases for some case law that might say that - no luck.



      In a message dated 3/27/2011 5:14:12 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
      _suesarkis@..._ (mailto:suesarkis@...) writes:

      Dear Colleagues:

      I am going crazy trying to find a CA code that I know exists unless it has
      been taken off the books. I have all 58 codes in my computer and I have
      tried every search function imaginable short of individual word searches
      which would prove too time consuming.

      I've even googled and came up with sites that clearly say, "the (CA) law
      now states that a private investigator must clearly identify themselves as
      defense investigator". However, I cannot find the code site.

      Thanks a bunch.

      Sincerely yours,
      Sue Sarkis
      Sarkis Detective Agency

      (est. 1976)
      PI 6564
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      (http://www.sarkispi.com/_) (_http://www.sarkispi.com/_ (http://www.sarkispi.com/) ) )

      1346 Ethel Street
      Glendale, CA 91207-1826

      "one Nation under God" and "in GOD we TRUST"

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      thank a military veteran

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