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17112Difficult Locate

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  • Boerger Investigative Services, LLC
    Mar 19, 2011
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      Dear List Members:

      I have a locate that I am hitting dead ends with on a defendant. I have ran
      the paid databases, online searches, etc. He is a District Loss Prevention
      Manager for a large retail chain so he may be savvy to 'hiding' out. I have
      all identifiers and even an ex-girlfriend's name and his cellular number.
      We have spoken to him once and he was very suspicious. It's a new client
      and of course I am trying to provide a speedy, accurate return.

      Any further suggestions are welcome. This is the same person in the Chicago
      (?) area that I have posted for assistance on recently.

      Please contact me at dean@....


      Dean Boerger

      Chief Investigator


      Toll-Free (877) 754-8295

      Web: BoergerPI.com

      Licensed in IN, OH, WV & DC

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