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  • suesarkis@aol.com
    Mar 17, 2011
      For anyone interested there's a special teaching program being held on
      April 17, 2011 hosted by the Criminalistics Department of Cal State Los
      Angeles, as well as a Black Dahlia event on April 16. Both events are organized
      under the auspices of LAVA - the Los Angeles Visionaries Association.

      Go deep inside L.A. crime lore with LAVA's Phil Spector / Black Dahlia

      EVENT #1: Saturday, April 16, 12-4pm - Esotouric presents "The Real Black
      Dahlia" crime bus tour (departs from The Millennium Biltmore Hotel, 506
      South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90071, $58/person)
      INFO/RESERVATIONS: _http://esotouric.com/dahlia-4-16-11_

      EVENT #2: Sunday, April 17, 2-6pm - Professor Donald Johnson, in
      association with LAVA and Esotouric, presents a fundraiser lecture/tour benefiting
      the CSULA Criminalistics graduate department "TRACE: inside the world of
      Lynne Herold, Criminalist" (at The Hertzberg-Davis Forensic Science Center at
      Cal State L.A., 1800 Paseo Rancho Castilla, Los Angeles, CA 90032,
      INFO/RESERVATIONS: _http://lavatransforms.org/crimelabapril17_

      LOS ANGELES- There's just something special about the notorious crimes of
      Los Angeles, the way they resonate in the American consciousness, and
      continue to fascinate years after the fact. In April, LAVA – The Los Angeles
      Visionaries Association, dedicates a weekend to uncovering the reality behind
      two of the city's most compelling and poorly understood murder stories: the
      unsolved 1947 Black Dahlia mystery and the adjudicated
      but-still-controversial Phil Spector murder trial.

      These two remarkable events – Esotouric's historic bus tour following in
      the footsteps of Black Dahlia murder victim Elizabeth Short, and a crime lab
      tour and lecture featuring L.A. Sheriff's Department Senior Criminalist
      Lynne Herold revealing her methods and discoveries while analyzing the Phil
      Spector crime scene evidence -- offer an opportunity to get behind the
      headlines and the hype and explore fascinating true crime cases with a depth and
      seriousness rarely offered to the public. This LAVA weekend is a must for
      intelligent crime aficionados and those with a passion for the untold
      stories of Los Angeles.

      ABOUT ESOTOURIC'S REAL BLACK DAHLIA TOUR: On April 16, Esotouric, L.A.'s
      most eclectic and thoughtful bus tour company, offers its most popular crime
      bus tour, THE REAL BLACK DAHLIA. Since January 1947, this one iconic
      murder mystery has lingered unsolved at the forefront of the American
      imagination, with dozens of books, films and websites dedicated to solving the
      slaying of Beth Short, the Massachusetts girl who came to Hollywood hoping to
      make it, and ended up cut in two in a vacant lot. The tour dedicates itself to
      revealing who victim Elizabeth Short really was by exploring her life in
      Los Angeles from mid 1946 to her January 1947 murder through examination of
      the police investigation and news coverage. The various whodunnit theories
      are up for discussion, but the focus is firmly on the 22-year-old woman
      whose death continues to fascinate. Along the way, passengers will explore the
      social history of postwar Los Angeles and its lively downtown scene and
      learn the role the city played in Short's mysterious death. Passengers on this
      eye-opening and informative tour will leave with a new understanding of
      the Black Dahlia case and what it was like to be a single woman in 1940s Los

      ABOUT LYNNE HEROLD'S "TRACE" LECTURE: The April 17 event "TRACE: inside
      the world of Lynne Herold, Criminalist" is a fundraiser for the
      Criminalistics graduate department at Cal State L.A. "TRACE" is an exploration of the
      scientific investigation of major crimes, revealed through methods of trace
      evidence analysis and select case histories. Attendees will also have an
      opportunity to tour Cal State LA's state-of the-art teaching and research
      facilities in the Criminalistics Department of the Hertzberg-Davis Forensic
      Science Center. "TRACE" consists of three lectures by LASD Senior Criminalist
      Lynne Herold and three breakout scientific workshops presented by
      Criminalistics graduate students. Lecture #1 is Lynne Herold's personal introduction
      to her life and work, entitled "My World and Welcome To It." Lecture #2
      explores the use of blood stain patterns in the analysis of complex crime
      scenes. Lecture #3 is a case history of the Phil Spector /Lana Clarkson murder
      investigation, for which Lynne Herold did the trace evidence analyses
      which resulted in Spector's conviction in his second murder trial. The
      scientific workshop topics include blood spatter re-creation and analysis, the
      magic of Mylar and static electricity, and insights into hair/fiber analysis.
      By the program's conclusion, attendees will have a deeper understanding of
      the real work that's done by a senior LASD criminalist, and the tools and
      techniques used to interpret crime scenes for the benefit of investigating
      officers and juries. Come discover the reality, which is so different from
      and so much more interesting than what you've seen on TV.

      BIOGRAPHY: Dr. Lynne Herold, Ph.D. is a Senior Criminalist in the Los
      Angeles County Sheriff's Department's Scientific Services Bureau. She received
      her B.S. in Biological Sciences from Kent State University in 1974, and her
      Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from USC in 1984. Over the past two decades,
      Dr. Herold has been involved in hundreds of "high profile" cases, and has
      been instrumental in the successful prosecution of scores of murder and
      serial murder cases. In 2003, Dr. Herold was assigned to the murder of actress
      Lana Clarkson, whose name has been largely overshadowed by the celebrity
      status of her accused killer, record producer Phil Spector. Dr. Herold devoted
      in excess of 1000 hours of work to the case, which went to trial in 2007.
      Dr. Herold's examination of the physical evidence in this case was
      technical, detailed, exhaustive and her conclusions compelling. Additionally, she
      was able to advise prosecutors as to areas in which the testimony of "hired
      gun" defense experts Dr. Henry Lee and Dr. Michael Baden could be
      impeached. Dr. Herold's testimony, which lasted for five days before the eyes of the
      world via live television, was a textbook illustration of effective
      courtroom preparation and presentation. Although the 2007 trial ended in a
      mistrial (10 to 2 for guilt), jurors who were interviewed stated that her
      testimony was so well presented, they completely discounted the testimony of
      defense experts. In his second trial in 2009, Phil Spector was convicted of the
      murder of Lana Clarkson and sentenced to 19 years to life. In 2008, Dr.
      Herold was honored as the California Homicide Investigators' Association
      Support Person of the Year.

      ABOUT LAVA: Through participation in LAVA, a select group of creative
      professionals come together to promote cultural programming that speaks to the
      urban experience while promoting positive public space. LAVA's creative
      partners share a love for L.A. and unique ideas for exploring it in their
      work. Formed by social historians RICHARD SCHAVE and KIM COOPER -- proprietors
      of Esotouric bus adventures and the 1947project time travel blog series
      (including On Bunker Hill and In SRO Land) -- LAVA brings together L.A.'s most
      visionary promoters, artists, writers and thinkers. The first crop of
      Visionaries in the growing curated community includes cultural chronicler
      ADRIENNE CREW, artist and Eastside historian AL GUERRERO, Cacophony Society
      co-founder AL RIDENOUR, avant garde fashion maven A. LAURA BRODY, poet and
      publisher ALEIDA RODRIGUEZ, back-to-nature pioneer ALICIA BAY LAUREL, filmmaker
      and festival promoter ALLISON ANDERS, former Metropolitan Museum curator
      ALLON SCHOENER, designer/mom of Chicken Boy AMY INOUYE, custom tours maven
      ANNE BLOCK, documentarian and radio producer ANTHEA RAYMOND, pop culture
      historian BECKY EBENKAMP, ethnomusicologist BETO GONZALEZ, master puppeteer
      BOB BAKER, producer and promoter CHRISTIAN VOLTAIRE MEOLI, 826LA events
      manager CHRISTINA GALANTE, performance artist CRIMEBO THE CLOWN, the NEA's
      outgoing Director of Literature DAVID KIPEN, green sculptor DONALD GIALANELLA,
      forensic scientist and educator DONALD JOHNSON, author and educator DOROTHY
      RANDALL GRAY, visual artist ELENA MARY SIFF, documentarian and exploitation
      film historian ELIJAH DRENNER, conversation curator ERIC VOLLMER, social
      connector EVONNE HEYNING, musician and performance artist FEATHERBEARD,
      photographer GARY LEONARD, pop critic and outsider artist GENE SCULATTI,
      musician and artist GEORGE EARTH, songsmith HARVEY SID FISHER, theater director
      HOLLY WITHAM, no-longer-Teenage Glutster food blogger JAVIER CABRAL, urban
      explorer (Ranger) Jenny Price, horror film director JEREMY KASTEN, musician
      and composer of silent film scores JIMI CABEZA DE VACA, social historian
      JOAN RENNER, writer and artist JOE OESTERLE, journalist and author JOHN
      BUNTIN,Musso & Frank co-owner JORDAN JONES, performance artist JULES ROCHIELLE,
      curator and activist JULIE RICO, "Kristin's List" cultural chronicler
      KRISTIN BEDFORD, songstress and prognosticator MADAME PAMITA, esoteric scholar
      and lecturer MAJA D'AOUST, author and broadcaster MANNY PACHECO, performer
      McCRISTOL HARRIS, journalist and internet radio pioneer MICHAEL LINDER,
      photographic archivist MICHAEL RISNER, President of the new LA Plaza de Cultura
      y Artes MIGUEL ANGEL CORZO, poet and dancer MONA JEAN CEDAR, , theater
      director NICHOLAS HOSKING, L.A. Historic Theater Foundation rep NICK MATONAK,
      music producer and impresario NO'A WINTER LAZERUS, musician OCTAVIUS, peace
      activist PAUL NUGENT of the Aetherius Society, 3-D photography expert RAY
      3D ZONE, historic ghost seeker RICHARD CARRADINE, filmmaker and
      preservationist ROSS LIPMAN, Boyle Heights ghost hunter SARAH TROOP, social networking
      mistress SHAWNA DAWSON, painter/gallerist SUSAN DOBAY, Warhol star and
      writer TERE TEREBA, metal artist TOM WALKER, musical entertainer THE UKULADY,
      and hat designer and multi-media artist YASMIN DIXON.

      Applications from prospective LAVA members are being taken at
      _http://lavatransforms.org/apply_ (http://lavatransforms.org/apply)

      To learn more about LAVA, please visit _http://www.lavatransforms.org_

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