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  • RickyG
    Mar 6, 2011
      I agree to a point, Bill...

      But I have seen you call people a few names that I thought were quite hilarious. And even though you did, I never once took that to mean that you were unprofessional, not a good communicator, or not a highly intelligent man. As a matter of fact, often times I thought the names that you used may have even added to a better quality of communication when you were trying to make a point. And there is nobody in this business that I respect as a competent professional more than I do you despite how you may choose voice your opinion; because I think I have a pretty good estimation of your abilities based on reading your reports from your website, some of the topics that you have discussed and your knowledge of those topics, and some of the conversations that I have had with you.

      Personally, I have become quite fond of the name "Ass-Hat", and have taken to using it copiously when addressing MORONS!

      Ricky Gurley.

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      --- In infoguys-list@yahoogroups.com, oracleintl@... wrote:
      > It isn't about who I happen to agree with - as we all know, I often
      > disagree with Sue.
      > On the other hand, whether we agree or disagree, argue and debate, or
      > engage in vehement dispute, I'd be quite shocked to see Sue resort to calling
      > me (or anyone else) childish names.
      > Communication, the ability to articulate an argument, to me able to make a
      > compelling and credible case for one's position is the essence of this
      > business. Trash talk only serves to diminish whatever viability one's
      > position might otherwise have; all these glaring mistakes related to spelling,
      > grammar and syntax don't help much either.
      > Bill
      > In a message dated 3/6/2011 1:36:06 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,
      > cwsellers@... writes:
      > WOW, we are really reaching here Sue to be right! All printed material
      > business cards and stationary require State License cement. I will settle all
      > of this I will inquire from BSIS in CA and post the results. Dome times Sue
      > you take thing yo far off base. Are you for the betterment of the industry
      > or for cutting corners. Maybe Chris Butler has a job for you on his team.
      > When in doubt, I always go to the HOSES mouth instead of listening ti an
      > ASS!
      > I will report back
      > C. W. Sellers
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