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  • Donald M. Berlin
    Apr 29 6:59 PM
      I need to do a very indepth background search on a gentleman that
      lives and works in Montreal.

      I was wondering whether a database there exists a database network
      that is similar to the US-based Autotrak or DBT which can obtain
      substantial background information on this person.

      If not, can someone from Montreal contact me privately and advise
      what the cost would be to conduct an indepth background search that
      is strictly on-line only.

      I have already scrapped clean all information available through LEXIS-
      NEXIS and WestLaw, including, but not limited to:

      Reported Decisions
      Who's Who
      Dun and Bradstreet
      Public Records Databases (Limited for Canada)

      Thus, I need more local information that would provide the following:

      Property and Real Estate
      Corporate Affiliations
      Executive Associations
      Credit and financial (Have Permissible Purpose, if needed)
      Asset-search to include automobiles, mechanized equipment
      UCC Filings, or similar kind of search
      Civil and Criminal Litigation (Defendant and Plaintiff of all courts)

      Please quote FLAT RATE only, based upon expedited service; and
      turnaround time. Results must be sent by e-mail only in a Microsoft
      Word 7.0 file or Higher.


      Don Berlin
      ICI-Washington, DC
      (202) 237-1500