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16327Re: [infoguys-list] How does one protect self from telephone line wire taps?

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  • suesarkis@aol.com
    Jul 31, 2010
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      Patrick -

      You should be skeptical. My best suggestion to you is to hire an
      experienced and licensed PI who specializes in the field as they would have the
      proper equipment. Reliable, accurate equipment is expensive. Not only will
      they have the proper equipment, they would know how to use it.


      In a message dated 7/31/2010 8:22:27 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time,
      patla2@... writes:

      Let me clarify that. When I re-read my post I noticed that a person can't
      get a clear picture of what I need. I am simply looking for any
      suggestions on what is the best device to use on a telephone line that can detect
      all manner of phone taps, be it wired, microwaved or any other way one can
      tap into a phone line. My P.I. friend who has left the state suggested that
      I use a white noise CD while talking on the telephone. I am a bit of a
      skeptic when it comes to using these things and, like the show me state, I
      need proof that it does work before I begin to rely on it for sole support.
      In short, I have a need to know what works and/or what doesn't. Are there
      any websites that sell these Items that you could point me to? Thanks in
      advance for any help that I receive. Take care.



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      From: Patrick <_patla2@..._ (mailto:patla2@...) >
      Subject: [infoguys-list] How does one protect self from telephone line
      wire taps?
      To: _infoguys-list@yahoogroups.com_ (mailto:infoguys-list@yahoogroups.com)
      Date: Tuesday, July 27, 2010, 6:11 PM

      My P.I. and I have come to the conclusion that my phone line has been
      bugged. As my friend is currently on the move and heading out of state never to
      return, I have a need to know. How does one protect oneself from such
      invasions of privacy. Yea, I know that some of you are sitting back and
      thinking that I must have done something wrong and the people who are bugging my
      phone line are doing so legally. I can assure you that I am not a convicted
      felon, I do not have a record and I haven't gotten so much as a speeding
      ticket in all the years that I have been driving. If I have done something
      wrong, I would like to know what it is. If you don't believe me, then e-mail
      me off the group and I will give you all the particulars needed to do a
      background check on me. With that being said I have a need to know if any of
      you know of a device and/or devices that would help me identify when people
      are listening in. These people have even gone as far as
      record my conversations and played it back in my presence(I was across the
      alley at a relatives house when they did the playback at a loud volume so
      that I could hear it). This is an invasion of privacy and I would like to
      stop it now. I appreciate any and all help that I can get. Thanks.

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