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16251writing to the Yahoo Groups and the like (most answered to "New Service Offering")

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  • Ettisch-Enchelmaier GmbH
    Jul 1 1:35 AM
      M. Ettisch-Enchelmaier, B.A., MSc., Geschäftsführung, President, CEO

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      Dear Members!

      One of the original posts dealt with how to write or answer to

      Yahoo Groups (or the like).

      I fully agree that spelling should be correct (you have an in-

      built spell check), but normally the style is more easy-going

      and one answers also in a hurry (which need not to be an excuse).

      Still one should not immediately deduct from a writer’s style

      in such cases that he cannot be a good professional, since there

      are exceptions to the rule. Of course if the person reacting on

      a message where it is clearly states that the answer should be

      sent off-line then it MAY, I say it MAY be, a negative hint to

      laziness, to not paying full attention, but it could be that

      the person answering may not feel well, in a big hurry to

      leave for an assignment or it is very late at night but still

      wants to help...

      In a business email one should be more diligent, still it is

      often not as formal in ANY of its parts as when writing a proper

      letter, already seen in the addressing part and in the “signature”

      such as signed by “Jeff”, “John”, or the like.

      I am NOT talking of instances where the signature is totally missing

      which is an indication of impoliteness, of hiding or or.

      Have all a great month of July,


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