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16000Introduction / Bank Locates, NONPUB, Employment Locates, Cellular Info

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  • PatrickB
    Apr 14, 2010
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      I wanted to take the time to introduce my company - we offer
      International and Nationwide Bank Locates, Employment & Telephone

      I want to be YOUR source for information!! Don't confuse our data with
      great databases such as, IRB, Merlin, Tracers, Locate Plus, PiDataLink
      etc.... We come into play when your database leaves you right where you
      started - When you want 100% verified accurate information for unlisted
      phones, cellular phone, people locates, bank & employment
      locates...you'll call me!!
      My company PDJ Investigations is a Nationwide Skip Tracing and Record
      Retrieval Agency. PDJ Investigations has been providing information to
      licensed investigators, law enforcement, financial institutions,
      attorneys and the like since 1997.

      We specialize in U.S. and International Telephone/Cellular
      Investigations, GLB Compliant Asset Investigations & Employment Locates.
      We supply guaranteed accurate information researched by a live
      investigator – No stale database information. Some of our services
      can be found at www.PDJservices.com <http://www.pdjservices.com/> .
      Please email me if you would like a listing of the services we provide.

      Our Investigations Include:

      * Name & Address from Land Line or Wireless Number * Nationwide
      People Locates * Locate Active Land Line or Wireless Number *
      International & Nationwide Bank Account Locates * Employment Locates
      * Telephone / Wireless Investigations * Utility Searches *
      Driving Records / Tag or VIN Look-up (all states) * Social Security
      Number Acquisitions and Traces * Vehicle Tag / Vin Searches *
      Post Office Box Owner Information * Credit Reports * Email
      Breaks / IP Locates * Facebook / Myspace Investigations *
      Anonymous Website Ownership Investigation * International Telephone
      / Wireless Information

      Guaranteed Lowest Price! We will meet or beat any competitors price!

      We offer substantial savings for volume accounts!

      You may order our services via:
      * www.PDJservices.com <http://www.pdjservices.com/> * Email
      Support@... <mailto:Support@...> * Phone
      1-800-298-1153, or * Fax 1-800-297-0012.

      If I can be of assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to contact

      Kindest Regards,

      Patrick Baird, TPLI
      Private Investigator #A10979
      Phone 1-800-298-1153
      Fax 1-800-297-0012
      U.S. & International Asset Locates, Employment Locates & Telephone

      http://www.pdjservices.com/ <http://www.pdjservices.com/>
      http://blog.a1peoplesearch.com/ <http://blog.a1peoplesearch.com/>

      Proud Member of the following Professional Associations;

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