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15970Harrisonburg, Virginia Criminal Defense Investigator needed

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  • John Leonard
    Apr 1 5:45 PM

      This is a direct referral for a criminal defense investigator in or around the Harrisonburg, Virginia area. The investigator should be able to find flaws and be critical of police investigations. The investigator should be able to provide expert testimony from experience as to the reliability of untrained witnesses two weeks after an event. The investigator should be able to provide testimony about how unreliable testimony is from interested parties and be critical of an investigation that was witnessed by many disinterested parties but has no written statements from those parties. The investigator should be able to identify when police officers and the prosecuting attorney are try to railroad the defendant and bring only evidence that supports their case while not producing other evidence. If you are the right person I am sure you know what I am talking about. We are looking for an investigator with a very specific set of skills that would like to see
      justice done.

      If you think that you are suited for this work please send documentation of your experience and rates to Jayne at ptjayne@....

      Thanks everyone and sorry about the massive cross post,

      John K. Leonard Jr., CPP
      VersaTek, LLC

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