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1588[infoguys-list] advice about kak worm,use security settings to prevent infection

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  • Tina
    Mar 31, 2000
      Just a note for those of you using outlook express, on your tool bar if you go to your tools....then options....then security then security zones settings you can set your security settings to medium or high. these settings will prevent this worm from automatically infecting your machine. I have mine set at medium and if I get an e-mail with the kak worm, I get a prompt window asking if I want to allow the active-x to run, of course I click no and delete the message. Maybe if everyone checks their security settings we can get rid of this thing once and for all. I received three e-mails today that had it attached. If my security setting had been on low, I would have been infected automatically.
      Good luck
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