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15477You Asked For It...!

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  • Tom Slovenski
    Nov 30, 2009
      You asked for it!

      Coming In January 2010.are you ready?

      Here's a hint.it has to do with cell phones (LOL)!

      Keep watching our website for details!


      Cell Phone Data Recovery & More!

      Thomas J. Slovenski

      Certified Cellular Forensics Examiner

      SLED PDC2073



      <http://www.cellularforensics.com> www.cellularforensics.com

      <http://www.thedigitalexterminator.com> www.thedigitalexterminator.com

      *Instructor: 2008 & 2009: Mobile Forensics World


      *Advisory Board Member for Fast Forensics, Inc.

      *Retired Police Detective

      *SC's First Private Mobile Forensics Lab

      *Specializing in Cell Phone Data Recovery, Cell Tower

      Acquisitions and Mobile Phone Spyware Detection

      *Proud Member of the SCECTF: SC Electronic Crime Task

      Force (in conjunction with Homeland Security)

      *Proud Member of the SC Chapter of InfraGard

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      18 USC 2510, et seq., The Electronic Communications Privacy Act, which
      carries penalties of up to 5 years imprisonment, criminal fines, and
      possible civil liability.

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