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    Nov 8, 2009
      This is definitely a constitutional violation of the attorney client privilege. However, there is little than can be done. First, the deputy should be charged with theft and fired. Second, the attorney should go back to law school and learn the difference between "work product" and privileged materials, I.e. a hand written letter from her client, which it appears is what the deputy took. Third, the prosecutor should be fired for not admonishing the deputy and having the judge remove him, actually both.

      I don't think the guy has any relief though. He has already been convicted so it has nothing to do with guilt. Apparently he is facing sentencing so any mitigating factors in the letter won't help the prosecutor.

      It truly is a sad system we have at times. Nothing shocks me anymore.


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      A detention officer with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office is caught on
      tape swiping a document from a defense attorney's files behind her back.
      Officer Adam Stoddard then hands the document to Deputy Francisco Campillo
      to make photocopies. This is the original video, as obtained by freelance
      journalist Nick Martin. Visit his site at _www.heatcity.org_
      (http://www.heatcity.org) .

      I wish you could Snopes this Deputy Dumbass thing away Paul, but this
      really happened. News story to follow:

      LENGTH: 606 words

      HEADLINE: Just A Diligent Kinda Officer



      Nov. 6, 2009 (_Simple Justice_
      (http://links.newstex.com/link?p=103509&c=39&s=SMJU-5207-39492808&url=http://blog.simplejustice.us/) delivered by
      Newstex) --
      The continuation of the contempt hearing for Adam Stoddard, Maricopa
      County's finest, was held yesterday before Judge Gary Donahoe, although much of
      it happened without prying eyes after he closed the courtroom at the
      insistence of Tom Liddy, with the County Attorney's office.

      To my great disappointment, Nick Martin was unable to attend yesterday's
      hearing, leaving us with only the _Arizona Republic_
      version of events. Given its anemic coverage of the last hearing date, it's a
      rather sorry substitute.

      "Going to," "steal" and "money."

      Those four words, grouped in the same sentence, prompted a Maricopa County
      sheriff's detention officer to remove documents from a defense attorney's
      file last month, according to court testimony Thursday.
      Officer Adam Stoddard testified that a handful of factors contributed to
      his decision to position himself behind the defendant, Antonio Solis Lozano,
      during Lozano's Oct. 19 sentencing hearing. And while Stoddard was there,
      his eyes "glazed over" a document with the four words that caught his
      attention. And why did Stoddard mosey up behind the defense attorney so that he
      might happen to "glaze over" the open papers on the table?

      Stoddard said the fact that Lozano had numerous papers that court security
      had not searched concerned him. People in the back of the courtroom who
      were there to see Lozano also made Stoddard suspicious, according to his
      testimony. And sun was in his eyes, and there was a hole in his racket. So
      aside from the discrepancies between the video and this testimony, not to
      mention that the file he was "glazing over" was the attorney's and not the
      defendants, and the lack of any logical connection between people being in a
      courtroom, where they are entitled to be unless Donahoe's on the bench, and
      papers on table, Stoddard's doing a bang up job on his second try to come up
      with an explanation.

      The problem posed is that Stoddard, after being widely ridiculed for his
      ridiculous attempt to justify his wholly improper invasion into the defense
      lawyer Joanne Cuccia's file, had a few days with the county lawyers to come
      up with a better story. Despite this gift, he still can't offer any
      rationale for his conduct.

      It would seem impossible for Judge Gary Donahoe to be unaware of the fact
      that his decision will be the subject of intense interest and scrutiny
      across the country. This is not just a little Maricopa thing.

      Stoddard's decision to remove the documents from the file of Joanne
      Cuccia, Lozano's former attorney, led to an outcry from defense attorneys, an
      avalanche of media attention once video footage of Stoddard's move was
      released, and a packed house in Donahoe's courtroom Thursday.No matter how tightly
      the judge seals the courthouse doors, this one won't be easily swept under
      the carpet. But lest you think that this suggests that the people of
      Phoenix might be inclined to lay siege to the courthouse with torches and
      pitchforks, take a hard look at _the comments_
      ocal/articles/2009/11/06/20091106mcsocourtdocs1106.html#comments) to the
      AR article. There seems to be no need to connect up the comments to anything
      remotely resembling fact, or even rational inference. It would be funny,
      but for the fact that this appears to the predominant sense of the community.

      Clearer still is _the fact that 64% of registered voters_
      id=1225316) in Arizona give Sheriff Joe Arpaio a positive job performance
      rating. He may be an outrageous, but he's theirs and they love him. That's
      because the good people of Arizona hate them criminals and Mexicans,
      though not necessarily in that order.

      I'm telling you, there's something in the water.

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