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    Mar 2, 2009
      Here's a scary one for you. I tried to log into my wife's 401k plan from
      her employer today. To move some investments around into things that were a
      tad more stable than stocks.
      The company that manages the 401K took the site down.
      I can't log in, change investments, change contributions or take out her
      money and put it into a T-Bill or CD.
      Czar Barrack strikes again!
      What a putz, pure dope smoking putz.

      And to top it all off, we now find out that the "stimulus" package holds 100
      million bucks for the dems favorite charities.
      I have no doubt they are good causes but the government shouldn't FORCE me
      to contribute to anything.
      That's my money, you crack smoking whores, give it back.



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      Parker is teaching me sheep


      Parker has always been so good with sheep. At least you're being instructed
      by the EXPERT himself !!!

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