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13303RE: [infoguys-list] Re: In Conclusion --- The point

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  • Joan Farley Nyobe
    Aug 31, 2008
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      I wish I had got the link to join in the PI chat however, I realize I failed
      to submit all the required paperwork. Purely an oversight. Ihope to catch
      the next chat session. I think they are great tools in learning and sharing
      new information.

      Joan Farley Nyobe

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      > This has been an abrupt, but nonetheless enlightening foray into the
      information world for me from the perspective of what appears to be a
      majority of folks on the list nowadays. Investigators.
      > This list as I have been led to believe, is not a P.I. only list,
      (although I seem to be the only one other than P.I.s here at the
      moment). So why should the information sources cater only to the P.I.s.
      > Plainly put, if they don't have a signature, then the P.I.s won't
      use them. Fine, then don't.
      > I honestly don't care, aside from the entertainment value.
      > It doesn't mean, that information they are offering isn't of use to
      anyone else. Further, they shouldn't be "flamed" in the list for
      offering it. Unless ,of course, advertising on the list isn't allowed.
      Which doesn't make sense given the commercials some folks run for
      > Thank you all, for your insight. I just offer that I am trying to
      protect all my potential sources. Even though they don't seem to want
      to speak for themselves.

      The fact that they are not speaking for themselves here might be a
      "red flag" in and of itself...

      The point here is this.. What we are asking for is a signature line..
      That is not too hard to make happen. Takes me 10 seconds... The
      sig--line can be set to automatically generate with each post.. I
      don't think we are asking too much...

      Hey Bill, if you want to use their information, feel free to. Email
      them, pay them, and see what you get... It's 50/50 that you'll get
      good information, and if you like those odds, have at it. But, don't
      ask people that deal in information to make a living with working
      critical cases with seriously high stakes, day in and day out to stake
      there reputation and their client's lives on those odds.... We want to
      increase our odds of getting good, accurate, and LEGAL information by
      knowing our sources...


      RMRI, Inc.

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