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13103RE: [infoguys-list] WE TV Special

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  • Joan Farley Nyobe
    Aug 6, 2008
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      I love the show. It keeps you hanging at the edge of your seat. Vickie, you
      looked wonderful. You wore the right colors and had your accessories
      coordinated. Everyone on the show did a great job. I love putting faces with
      the names I see here on the list. It's like watching an internet forum come
      to life. Thanks for letting me associate with you guys. It just bring tears
      to my eyes. I am all choked up.

      Joan Farley Nyobe

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      Thank you Gladys. Your kind words are much appreciated. I am so proud of
      our team. So far the kudos are many, and the web hits and emails are the
      same. I've got a lot of people wanting to join the group, and they will be
      well screened. We threw up a simple website which will be improved ASAP,
      http://flipmysteries.tv and are compiling cases for a series.

      I am doing this for exactly the reason you mention. I want to show us as we
      really are; real people with lives, who care and take action to make a
      difference. I really didn't want to be in it, but I lost that one.

      Vicki Siedow

      Siedow & Associates Investigations

      2629 Foothill Blvd. # 262

      La Crescenta, CA 91214

      (Los Angeles County)



      818-688-3295 fax

      Siedow@... <mailto:Siedow%40LawAndOrder.com>


      CA Licensed PI #22852; RPS 5538

      CITRMS: Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist

      NCISS: National Council of Investigative and Security Services

      NCISS Membership Committee - http://www.nciss.org/

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      Subject: [infoguys-list] WE TV Special

      I was extremely impressed with the FLIP show, very professional,
      graciousness, intelligent, non sensational, and I think it has raised the
      bar of
      respectability for all of us PI's, its the most down to earth reality show I
      ever seen, or documentary on our business. KUDOS to all who participated!

      Gladys Brierley
      PO Box 872
      Newton, MS 39345
      cell 601-480-3181
      bus & fax 601-683-2094
      Newton County Business License #1499
      Duns # 8082376

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      017 )

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