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12806RE: [infoguys-list] Re: Another GREAT Web Application for P.I.s from RMRI, INc.

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  • Vicki Siedow
    Jul 13, 2008
      Gee, I wish I had waited for the free version. Can you tell me if there is
      any advantage to the Office 2007 version, and how I can incorporate things
      like the timeline into that? I still haven't got my 2007 set up totally to
      manage cases. I am working out the bugs and trying to learn it all.

      Vicki Siedow

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      > Whatever happened to using Office 2007 as PI case management
      software? Can
      > this timeline program work with that? Is this case management program
      > search a Holy Grail?

      There are no "Holy Grails"... But, what this system does that I have
      formed is allow P.I.s on a budget, that can not afford to spend much
      to have a complete Case Management System for free. You also have to
      understand that different people will have different preferences on
      what case management system they use.

      I'll put more in about this later, but I have developed a system that
      is pretty simple but it delivers a complete case management system
      with everything from Time Lines, to Spread Sheets, to Organizational
      Charts, to an Accounting System to a CRM with unlimited storage that
      can be used by multiple people to collaborate on cases with. All of
      the applications allow for private collaboration and public display.
      Right now the trick is to find a good tabbed browser with the smallest
      memory footprint possible; I am experimenting with that now... Opera
      has a pretty significant memory footprint with all of the tabs on it.

      Microsoft Business Contact Manager does a fine job, and I use it. But
      my focus here is to provide something powerful and effective for the
      P.I.s that are on a budget.

      Yes, there is a way to link all of these systems to Business Contact

      What you are seeing on my blog in regards to Web 2.0 Applications are
      free tools that a Private Investigator can use in his or her every day
      operations, without having to spend thousands of dollars on software
      only to find out that the software might not provide everything he or
      she needs. I have put A LOT of time and a TON of money into this
      research, buying software, testing it, and researching what else would
      be needed to provide a complete package for P.I. work. It is also
      beneficial to me, right now I am ""golden" with the local attorneys
      here because I can document my cases in ways that are comprehensive,
      easy to understand, and in ways that allow me to find patterns,
      discreprencies, and such in my investigations and in ways that most of
      these attorneys have never even seen before; due to the heavy research
      that I have done on these applications that you are seeing on my blogs.

      I am passing this research off to other P.I.s because not everyone has
      the money to invest in software to determine what type of case
      management system they might prefer. Hopefully this research will be
      helpful to the new P.I.s on a budget, or the P.I.s that just don't
      have a lot of money.



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