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  • Salvatore F. Alioto
    Jun 8, 2008
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      In New York, in a shoplifting situation if the store manager insists on
      it the police officer is obligated to make an arrest, however, once
      arrested there are processing option which would have had the elderly
      gentleman released in a little over an hour. He would be fingerprinted,
      photographed and issued a summons to appear in court on a specified date
      to answer the charges before a judge. I don't know why it took 10 hours
      to process this man. Things must be very different in Florida law


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      --- In infoguys-list@yahoogroups.com, "Ricky Gurley" <rmriinc@...>
      > Here is a post that came up on a board that I participate on, and I
      > thought it was pretty interesting:
      > When senior citizens break the law with minor infractions, should they
      > be held accountable and punished like the rest of us or should they be
      > treated differently?
      > I'm posting this because I came across a story where a 79 year old man
      > was accused of stealing and thrown in jail. The reader comments caught
      > my attention because the story sparked a controversy about how senior
      > citizens should be treated in similar situations.
      > Some people demanded that the elderly man should have been released
      > and not harassed. Others claim that he was using his age as an excuse
      > to shoplift.
      > What do you all think? Honest mistake or perfect alibi?
      > QUOTE
      > --------------------------------------------------------------------
      > LAKE WORTH - An elderly Palm Beach County man says he forgot to pay
      > for the pie that sent him to jail for 10 hours.
      > Authorities say 79-year-old George Schwartz didn't pay for a $5.29
      > apple pie at a Publix near Lake Worth in April. He was taken to jail
      > and charged with retail theft, a misdemeanor punishable by 60 days in
      > jail.
      > His lawyer said Thursday that the cashier who bagged the groceries
      > that day also didn't notice the pie left in the basket. Schwartz paid
      > for the rest of his groceries.
      > His attorney adds that they are trying to get the case dropped.
      > Otherwise, they could go to trial in June.
      > Managers at that Publix say in a police report that he has shoplifted
      > before. But Schwartz says he has short-term memory problems and calls
      > the latest incident a misunderstanding.
      > ---------------------------------------------------------------------
      > Full Story:
      > http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sfl-530pie,0,2371195.story
      > Story COMMENTS here:
      > http://www.topix.net/forum/source/south-fl...EASAK4QEEUVLLJU
      > Any thoughts?
      > Rick.

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