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1221[infoguys-list] Re: Looking for software

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  • kent conwell
    Feb 5, 2000
      i'm not a pi, but you might find a pc keyboard bug will work. it's simply
      a small device built into a standard suppresser case and put into a short
      length of cable you can fit to the back of the pc. go to a search engine
      and search for 'keyboard bug.'

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      Hello folks,

      I've got a client who has a husband spending way too much time on the
      Internet and is probably meeting various women in person. She doesn't want
      to do surveillance just yet so I mentioned to her there is a program out
      there than you can install on the computer and it will basically log
      everything in the background as far as emails and chatrooms etc. The only
      problem is I can't remember the name of the software or where I can find
      Can anyone refreshen my memory? Plus if you have used this software what
      you think of it and how well did it work?


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