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12097The disappearing lump

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  • Jurydoctor@aol.com
    Feb 26, 2008
      $5 per opinion will be donated to Breast Cancer research. Really need your
      thoughts on this one!
      thanks in advance,

      Marla found a lump under her right breast. After examination the doctor
      failed to locate a lump, and diagnosed her with a rib inflammation. He
      instructs her to get a screening mammogram in 4 months (May of 2002) which the
      patient fails to do.

      There are 2 types of mammogram: 1) screening; and 2) diagnostic. A
      screening mammogram is used to detect breast abnormalities that may be cancerous
      when a patient is without symptoms. A diagnostic mammogram is much more
      precise and used for patients who feel a lump in their breast.

      In September 2002, the patient again complains of a lump in her right
      breast. The doctor examines her breast, but is unable to feel the lump. The
      doctor refers her to a breast disease specialist for a mammogram. A month later
      the patient obtains screening mammograms of both breasts. The mammograms
      appear normal, but the radiologist recommends further evaluation due to the
      patient's history of feeling a breast mass. Cancer is detected. The Patient has
      a 60-62% chance that her cancer will return by 2012 and will likely be

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