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  • JPH3190@aol.com
    Feb 1, 2000
      Not all GPS units work alike. Some use a store and forward system others use
      a steady on. The GPS signal is not what your looking for. Look for the
      carrier signal.
      ( i.e., GPS in, Carrier signal out). Depends on what the unit maker is using.
      The most common is cellular. Cellular detection gear would find this.

      Our Unit, MobyTRAC, can use almost any band you got, Cellular UHF, VHF
      etc. The unit size also varies. MobyTRAC is the size of a car radio. Look for
      the GPS antenna. It may be under the dash if factory installed and hence hard
      to find. We have done covert installs and hidden the antenna in the tail
      lights and under the dash. GPS antenna should be 3 feet away from carrier
      antenna to cut interference. I would look for wiring that is not factory
      type, but nothing is certain. If this vehicle is employer owned don't fool
      with it. These things are expensive and if the signal fails, the boss would
      know what time it failed and who was assigned to drive.

      Many clients have asked for a unit to be mounted in an exterior box held
      underneath by magnets with a battery power source. It can be done but would
      run for only a couple of days. MobyTEL will not warrant such an install and
      doesn't recommend doing it.

      As to Battery interruption... The unit in my van is plugged in to the
      cigarette lighter. power interruption in this case is not affecting the

      John P. Hilderbrand, Sr.
      Potomac Private Investigations
      and Authorized Distributor of MobyTEL products
      North Bethesda, MD
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