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11630Re: Workers' Compensation & Subcontracting

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  • dts683
    Dec 2 1:09 PM
      Bob Hrodey wrote:

      > Your argument is also valid in some cases and with regard to those
      > contractors who don't have WC themselves, well, they better hope that
      > the guy they hire at $30 an hour is playing heads up ball since
      > insurance or no, they will likely find that they are still on the
      > hook for injuries incurred by their uninsured sub contractor.

      Exactly. Unfortunately, the scenario I believe will cause the biggest
      shockwave in the PI subcontracting world requires that a subcontracted
      PI get killed or sustain great bodily harm when the contractor is on
      the hook for the uninsured subcontractor's workers' compensation
      claim. If I as a contractor am on the hook for paying the premium on
      an uninsured subcontractor, it would follow that I would be on the hook
      for any claims too.

      > IIRC, my firm was one of the ones that did, no?

      Yes, you were one of the two; and you probably know who the other is
      too. During my audit I found at least three Illinois PI agencies with
      actual employees who have no workers' compensation coverage. I can
      understand a sole practitioner not having workers' compensation
      coverage, but not an agency with actual employees. If you have an
      agency with actual employees and you don't have workers' compensation
      coverage, you are gambling with not only your business, but your
      personal financial well-being. A seriously injured or dead employee
      could easily bankrupt not only your business, but you personally.

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