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  • Ricky Gurley
    Dec 1, 2007
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      --- In infoguys-list@yahoogroups.com, Empire Pacific Investigative
      <epginvestigation@...> wrote:
      > Thank you for replying, but it seems like you are in the
      wonderland. If you work with the insurance industry, which I have
      been since 1987, there isn't any insurance company that pay's more
      then $ 75.00 Dollars an hour and to top it off, they don't pay for
      travel time.

      I don't work in the Insurance Industry.. I work for attorneys
      normally, doing Criminal Defense Investigations; with a specialty in
      Hi-Tech Criminal Defense. I charge $150.00/Hr., and I get it. There
      are P.I.s on this list right now that do the same thing and get paid
      even more than I do.

      > Yes, we are deserve lot more for our work, but the reality is,
      competion and insurance companies know it. The profit margin is
      extremly low when you sub at $ 30.00 an hour after your time, office
      fees, marketing, employees, WC insurance and other fees going a long
      with it.

      > The only PI's out there that are charging over $ 100.00 Dollars in
      California are not more then a dozen that have several employees
      working for them and continuous work coming in with that rate.

      That number may be higher than you think. I work in Columbia, MO., a
      city much smaller than Los Angeles, CA., with a smaller economy, and
      as I previously stated I make $150.00/Hr.; with not problem. I can't
      imagine there only being a few P.I.s in Los Angeles, CA. making
      $100.00/Hr. and/or more...?

      > Anyway, don't have time to write anymore, which I would love to
      continue, but the reallity is there are lot's of people out there
      that are great and are getting paid less then $30.00 an hour.

      Yeah.. I see this is working out well for you in Southern California,
      based on this excerpt from a post you made on the LegalInvestigation
      Group today; listed below:

      "As a side note we are looking for a regular Investigator in the west
      Los Angeles and Orange county area.....We have had poor luck with
      Investigators in the Southern Cal area and we regularly TURN DOWN
      cases as I have yet to find GOOD QUALITY Investigators in the area! I
      know they are out there and I am willing to pay for experience and
      quality. We work on contract, retainer only; have a 4 hour min and a
      24 hour cancellation policy with our client, which allows us to pay
      you quickly!!!!!"

      Good luck with finding a GOOD QUALITY Investigator in Southern
      California that is willing to work for $30.00/Hr......

      > Empire Pacific Investigative Svcs.
      > Mr. Mike Hakimi
      > P.O. Box 17002
      > Beverly Hills, CA 90209
      > PI #16166
      > WEB: www.epis.us
      > Office: info@...
      > Direct: 310.433.5332
      > Fax: 888-329-EPIS


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